My Experiences So Far


I picked this game up because it always interested me but I wasn’t willing to put out the $60. I have been loving the game for the past couple days but have some issues.

  1. Lack of Bullet Deviation/Dropoff.
    Hank and Abe are my main targets on this issue. Both Hank’s laser cannon and Abe’s Tracking Pistol are entirely too accurate and stretch all the way across the map. For Hank, if you let a character have a gun that accurate without drop off it needs either a tiny clip with a very long cooldown, or an Overheat Mechanic. As for Abe, his tracking darts travel the entire map and seem to be hit scan. This allows Abe to fire blindly in the direction the monster is headed and if he hits one the Hunters can get on the Monster’s tail and since the darts last so long they can just keep refreshing them.

  2. The new planet tracker makes it very hard to get away from anything. Even semi decent Hunters will stick to the monster like glue because it’s so easy.

You can probably tell that I play Monster but that doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with them as well. I’m still waiting on Behemoth. But the big issues are Wraith and Gorgon.

  1. Wraith’s Stage 1 Damage. It’s too high. I really don’t know what else to say, it’s a high skill monster but high skill players will just dominate with him. I say just take some of his stage 1 damage and move it to stage 3. If you get to stage 3 you’re probably going to win so adding more damage doesn’t hurt.

  2. Gorgon is too weak right now. Now before the Gorgon players hate on me, the game simply isn’t set up to allow him to shine. Due to the planet tracker the hunters can just group up and rush down the monster, there’s no more hunt just use it and go. The kinds of mind games and trickery Gorgon excels at aren’t there anymore.

But Overall I find the game very fun and winning as the monster is a great feeling but I feel they could use more utility to beat some of the more coordinated high rank teams. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and complaints.


This hasn’t been Gorgon’s playstyle since April.


It has an overheat mechanic and a drop off of 100m. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gorgon is an ambush style mobile monster that scrambles the team and punishes positioning. It’s no longer a mindgame monster with Stage 2 despite having the skills for it. More balancing in favor of casuals.


I honestly didn’t know that. But it’s still entirely too accurate with no drop, I get that it’s a laser weapon but when damage stops feeding it gets a bit too strong.


You know once you run out of ammo it takes a long while to recharge. Like 10 secs.


That’s good. Again, very new, still not knowledgeable on everything.