My experience with a Steam Controller on Evolve


So I’ve been taking a break from Evolve for quite some time until the big patch drops. However I booted up some custom games yesterday to test my new Steam controller out on a shooter. It took some configuring and ALOT of practice/learning, but I can honestly say I play better with the Steam controller than I do with an Xbox or PS controller. You can make some crazy accurate shots with it when utilizing the build in gyro scope. I think with some more practice and really getting the new muscle memory down for this controller, I can see it being on par with mouse and keyboard. That’s right!!! I said it!!! : ) Or at least really dang close.

Anyways, the point of this post. I know a lot of people were scared off from the Steam controller. I was one of them. But I did LOTS of research and decided it was worth giving a shot. And I am not regretting it. I still got a ways to go to get the muscle memory down as solid as I do with the other controllers I’ve been using for years. I’m 29 and have been a console gamer most of my life. I only got in to the PC scene the last couple years, so my preference will always be to a controller. For people that grew up die hard keyboard/mouse, it may be harder to make that switch. So yeah, if you enjoy a controller vs keyboard, but hate that it’s difficult to be as accurate playing this game with a controller, it might be worth giving the Steam controller a shot.


So is the aiming controls like a touch pad or something? I’ve been very confused by that.

I don’t have a gaming rig but I frequently think about investing.


Correct, the right touch pad is your right “analog stick.” It clicks too. You also have the option to make it do something when you just double tap it too vs clicking. I use this to switch back and forth between my two main weapons. Click for one weapon, double tap to equip the other. The two other abilities are on the bumpers like normal. And you set the touch pad to act like a track ball so making the large quick turns is easier. I play inverted with a normal controller, but apparently my brain wants to do non inverted when playing with that touch pad. The touch pad can get you close to what you want to hit. Then you use the gyro scope to make the minor adjustment. I have my gyro scope on all the time. I don’t have button that I press to activate because, for me, that’s just one more thing to multitask on the controller while I’m dealing with the insanity of a monster fight. But really, my hands don’t really move when I’m just sitting there, so it doesn’t really affect anything until I make the conscious decision to use it. And even then, the sensitivity is set to where it’s not much moving at all. There’s no flailing around everywhere. You can really tweak so many settings and mappings with the controller to your liking as well. I grabbed the top config off of Steam and then made some minor adjustments to my liking.


I feel wary of the gyroscope but I also can get really active when playing a game so all my moving could mess up my aim.

Maybe one day I can get to try it for myself.


If that’s the case you could always just set it so the gyro only activates upon pressing something else, like one of the back paddle buttons or something. Or it only activates upon the full left trigger press when you’re aiming with iron sights. I just have it set to always on cause that’s what works for me with that game. But a lot of people have it set to activate upon button press.


Neat! I’m hoping to build a computer within the year so I will keep this in mind.

I’m abysmal at keyboard and mouse so this might be am option.


I’ve been a PC gamer since all of mehlife. :wink:

Overall, I’m not a fan of touchpad in General. Even in laptops.

I also have twitchy fingers from ADD and it took me 3000 Hours of Left 4 Dead until I could hit zombies on my first shot on my X360. This controler would kill me :astonished:


Its bothering me that the touchpad is where the buttons should be…


May I ask how old you are?


Are you asking me?

I’m 27, if you are.


Haha no sorry was asking the op, tipper


Understandably. Using a controller for the Left for Dead games was horrible. Steam controller, when set up properly and practiced with, is much more accurate than controllers for the other consoles. I game on all platforms FYI. So I’ve been able to compare them. Mouse is always going to be more accurate. But I feel like the gap is close enough that it doesn’t make much of a difference. At least in my opinion.