My Experience So Far (Feedback)


Hello everyone.

First things first. I started playing the game with it’s x10 Event, prolly as most since i saw a huge spike of 50k for awhile while checking Steam charts. I am saying this because i do consider some games rather well designed, thematically speaking. Oh, the other thing is that i am primarily a Co-Op player/fan, never a fanboy of anything since i love just being a gamer…

So i am starting with this info because i am trying to find and/or understand the pattern these games may have. Games that while they have a unique tone, the fail. Nosgoth for example, one of my personal favorites was Dead Island Epidemic. Because i get involved with some of them, i tend to have many discussions with players, i am eager to hear their perspective and opinion. I would think that is the case in gaming from Devs but in most cases it isn’t really.

Weirdly enough the interaction stays in a typical level, “oh i have to see my grandma…Hello grandma, you still alive? Bye” sort of thing. I think there’s a multitude of things that make an Online game flop/fail/fallintotheabyss (not everything applies everywhere, exceptions occur).

-Business model.
-Content depth-variety.
-Hero/Character Balancing.

Some of these overlap, but all of them are related. If one spends time in gaming Forums, you’ll notice some subjects create more frustration than others. That is were the refining should be a priority. I believe most Devs just handle things differently, from a corporate perspective perhaps? I don’t know exactly, but i do know many games fail because, money/profit. As if, you really creating something in gaming for profit and not out of love? Of course you can but, you shouldn’t expect people to not recognise it and appreciate it for that.

Relative to that, i hear many Devs saying, “Our goal is e-sports” and all i can think is, “money, not love then, got ya brother”. And again, it may succeed, ofc. but deep down most people know to appreciate a product of love, or, i’d like to think so. Now i am not expecting anything out of this post, i know i am talking out to empty void, but i only do it in games that i find special, and/or just like a lot!

So i started playing when the x10 Event was on and i liked it…i liked the x10 i mean. The game, sure, i don’t play game for Leaderboards, but because i like their aesthetics, gameplay experience, socializing aspect even (weirdly enough for an introvert…) but you have to understand, all humans are a bit crazy, so i find it interesting examining them. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to a wall-of-text direction so, i think you need to find what frustrates people, and maps, content depth and quality of content is always paramount. I actually sat and was reading the Credits and i am impressed of how many people have worked on this games. Many companies too and i have to say, guys, and ladies, you have done a great job, but considering how people were involved in this, the amount of content and depth is something Hello Games could have done and they are like 6-10 people. I may exaggerating but not by much i think.

Games are meant to be fun. Life and other people are hard enough. Perhaps not everyone “better living through mindless escapism”, but many do, i promise you that. It is far better to treat people as what they are and not as what they have become, passive consumers that is. People will support a quality game, a game with a decent depth and above all quality. A product of love always has immeasurable quality and will be appreciated. I think, but i human, i can be wrong.

I’ll keep playing this, as i played other games that fell into their death. I’ll be there until your last breath. btw, did you know, the more you give the more you will receive? (I think you had a glimpse at x10 Event.)

GL :wink:

[This is actually more on topic with the tile but…the most attractive thing i found being the conversations the characters have while on the dropship, hilarious, funny and interesting, lore-wise. I would love to see Co-Op expanding on that, have a storyline even, but i know how much work and resources that is and i also understand this game is meant to be competitive and not a Co-Op, but i can dream about for that day in gaming i guess.]


At points in that I was definitely a little

But it’s great feedback really. I too hope to see the lore explored a bit more in the co-op mode. Hopefully you’re looking forward to this weekends event and the co-op map variant dropping today(most likely).

I did want to pick up on one point though…

I don’t think the devs have said at any point that their intention for the game is to make it some kind of competitive focused game, and their choices (which you may not be aware of due to being an awesome newcomer to the game!) seem to be focused on making the experience fun for people. They’ll be renaming/reworking the different matchmaking queues available soon to really highlight that focus that differentiates people looking to just have fun and those looking for a slightly more competitive experience.

How did you find the Cataclysm and Overpowered map variants?


So, the premise and the reason for me assuming the game is meant to be more competitive, with it’s final destination to be e-sports, is the general trend in gaming. I do not consider e-sports a bad thing, i just wish most Dev teams want have it as their “Ithaca”. Making a fun game, will bring it there.

As a newcomer, i am doing my research on the game (since i found myself liking it a lot), characters, guides etc. etc. and also it means i do not know many things about it. So i see many games having a "Co-Op: mode, but it’s mostly used for practicing purposes. The only, as far as i know, exception is “Armored Warfare”. Otherwise most games of this type tend to focus their resources/team on PvP. understandable, and i do play PvP, but only occasionally. I just love Co-Op, no reason to elaborate here.

So, as far as Co-Op goes i immediately press “Skip Map” when Cataclysm is up…Overpowered is a cool twist though. Too much madness happening in Cataclysm, too many things will hurt you rather than help you, no thanks.

I’m guessing they had tons of feedback, but i do think they should also give Milestones and Achievements for progression, in general speaking. Incentive is key. And as said, i do believe Devs should look deeper on as to why a game fails to attract audience while being quite different and unique.

Anyway, cheers :slight_smile:


How do you mean?

Thanks for the answers btw, if you have any questions people like myself spend far too much time on the forum so will know where to direct you for any answers there might be… but it does sound like you’ve got the whole self-research thing sorted so I imagine you’re fine!


As a gamer you know we love customizing our heroes/characters, giving them our personal touch, there is no amount we would say, “that’s enough of this”, but we also like the tiny acknowledgements, “You played for 1,000,000 hrs, here’s a cookie:stuck_out_tongue: and “You killed 1 gazillion bugs, here’s a scarf, don’t tell Slim”. etc. These are Milestones.

Achievements would be, “You killed the Monster under 3 mins, special palette color” or something. There’s no need to be anything revolutionary, the usual things we see in Steam, and in MMO’s in general.

Also, btw, since there is some sort of character customization, they may want to change victory screen so to show off the hunters/Monster celebrating. Similar to when we have a glimpse of them in the intro Dropship. We like to checkout each other in Online games.

Anyway, i do hope the game eventually grows again and will have a more steady and a bit bigger population, cheers. :slight_smile:


They’ve reduced the map-pool a lot till it got F2P out of balancing. Sadly I am still waiting that those maps get a comeback, while the so called “map-adaptions” are much worse in terms of balancing and diversity than the old maps. At least Evolve is a breath of fresh air. Therefore I am glad if they get some time to produce working content.


By content i don’t mean just maps, Hunters/Monsters. I mean variety in general. Take for example BF4, similarly you play match, again and again, yet there’s an incredible amount of how you can equip your character. Each match will feel different. There are also dynamic events ofc. Everything adds to the gameplay experience. Multiple vehicles etc. etc.

In BF3 they also had Co-Op missions, how much i loved those i can’t describe. And then there’s the lore we see with the Dropship conversations, the background stories of each Hunter in Wiki etc. So, they have things to work with, to expand the content and the game and i do realize it is a task that needs resources and time and effort, i think it is what it needs.

That’s why i mentioned Nosgoth btw. Some games do show a pattern i think. One or many of the reasons i mention. Yet, i do not say i know everything or that i am right. There are so many games out there that i find boring yet they became successful. That’s also personal preference and i do tend to have a minority taste…

So, a MOBA has endless replayability (well, more or less), and mostly on one, perhaps two maps and a couple mode variations. Yet, they succeed at it. They are a marriage of PvP and PvE, strict rules also.

Anyway, perhaps i over analyze things. I just would like to see more content, more depth and when i find a game that i like that it won’t die so soon.


All I ask is them to add Aviary back already ;_;