My experience on evolve tonight, lagout and freezes

so me and my team played 5 matches tonight. first match, behemoth freezes and we get a cheap win, second game actually went ok our last guy alive got mauled and killed by blitz leopards and reavers… ok bad luck cool. 3rd match our trapper gets aged out just as he domes, we lose because of that, 4th game our trapper gets lagged out again at the relay fight and it was bad enough that it was barracks and he was rockwalling the relay and beating it up, our 5th and final match I get lagged out and i’m the support, so u know how that ended. THIS GAME IS BROKEN!! Thanks turtle rock. I have been an avid supporter of this game since the beginning but i’m one lagout away from saying goodbye, please fix this broken game. I’m being nice but developers please respond to this so I know you are seeing this, because the ps4 evolve is broken right now.

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Socom, you’re so salty these days. Wha happen?

Im with you but lets keep the forums wtih a positive attitude, I hate Hunt 2.0 but I know they will fix it so I keep my mouth shut or One of the Mods will do it for me like they have done with countless others :confused:

Looking at you @Sentry_Gun

You just ninja’d me. Damn phone not finding the username quick enough.

Time to sidle away…

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if u read my post then u know why I’m salty, the game is unfortunately broken. consistent lagouts and freezes

@BehemothOrigins I want to be positive I really do bud, but when u get lagged out of every game its hard to be positive, someone needs to speak up and let them know whats wrong or they will never know and they will think they are doing a good job. can’t let that happen now can we?!

How do you think I feel when I get put with level 1 medics that cant even heal themselves… Life is hard but to have great inner strength you must conquer your greatest enemy, Rage. I have a lot of Rage but im trying my hardest to keep it under my mug of awesomeness.

I completely disagree Behemoth origins, devs need to know when their community is upset. “Stay positive” how can you say that when, and I say this truthfully, the game community on the PC went from 530 to 100 players a day on Evolve. That should really tell you something you stubborn developers… Fix the game before making game changes, or releasing new characters. Love the game, lots of support, you guys have made a great idea come true, but made that idea into a nightmare. Great job TR! Stop giving people crap about “they have made a great game so stop giving them so much crap” but we all know that they made that great game into crap. I still love the game… Just fix your dang game!!!

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