My Experience as the BMOC (Big Monster on Campus)


First and foremost, this is not a “I am better than you” thread. I promise.

Second, it’s going to be a little long. So thank you for reading.

In Alpha, I was only afforded the opportunity to play as two monsters, Goliath and Kraken. Wraith wasn’t there when I quit. The reason I quit playing Evolve… I didn’t want to burn myself out. And I didn’t have the time to test. I loved the game, and I wanted to keep playing it.

Goliath was very very nice. Close quarters, AoE and just plain awesomeness. He sneaks very meh. Mostly you want to super leap and double back… He has a lot of armor, a lot of health. And as long as you don’t stick around and fight when you have vulnerabilities on you, you should be fine, even losing armor. Do not discount the Charge move… because it’s the damage that is important… but it lets you to either seperate hunters from each other, allowing you pound the fear of evolution into them, OR if the hunters are spread out in a line in front of you… gathers them all up, just enough for you to AoE them… hard.

My favorite monster in alpha was the Kraken. I didn’t like the Kraken at first. He has almost no armor compared to the Goliath and his moves were meh. No real AoE except the lightning and it took forever for it to hit. And his movement was blah. I can fly, but it makes the hunters track me easier, and getting captured in the cage was a lot easier. Really did not like him. Until I practiced with him and I found he melted face, and not just with the Banshee Mines (which do feel cheap, because I always leave a gift for the hunters when they spawn in). The Kraken was my bread and butter. I loved how I could move around with him and move the hunters with him as well. Vortex is by far my favorite move. For example, if I wanted to kill the Medic, but the stupid Support guy is shielding her… Vortex the Support to go “bye bye” and then proceed to tear the medic into pieces. So awesome.

Then I discovered the Wraith and played her for the first time last night. I heard a lot about her on youtube, these forums and according to everyone, she was nerfed, is a baddy and not worth playing if you want to win. When I started her up I saw that she had virtually no armor and just a fraction of health compared to the Kraken and Goliath. I was very worried my first game. I took decoy, because invisibility is always a good thing and if the decoy was close enough, does some damage to harrass the hunters.

Oh let me tell you of the awesome thing the decoy did… So I was feeding and was drawing in carrion birds like it was the end of the world, but kept feeding anyways because I was close to S2. Hunters were coming right for me… I could smell em, literally. So I hopped in a bush, hit decoy and it took off on a different path and before it disappeared, startled birds. Yes, it actually startled birds which led the hunters to the other side of the map, while I was left in peace until S3. Do not under estimate this skill even if they “nerfed” it. It’s worth having.

Ok, anyways, onwards to Abduction. This little skill is fun… and I mean FUN to use. The range on it is nuts. You want Lazerus dead? I mean, who doesn’t, am I right? Abduct him, oh he is running away, sneak attack… you get shot , Warp, attack attack, dead. So much fun. I learned of an odd feature or bug, not sure which yet. But when I do Abduction, and the Trapper drops the harpoons or whatever in front somewhere… you warp through all the mines and never get hit… but when you snatch the person, you materialize for a moment, then you get stuck where that player is. Again, not sure if it is a bug or not… I just went with it and Supernova the whole team.

Supernova is supernova… it got adjusted (from what I read) but it is strong, do NOT get in a tight space with the wraith and expect to not get lit up by it. You can dash while using Supernova but if you dash twice it is done. 'Nuff said.

Warp Blast is interesting. You pick a target, Warp to it, explode and move on. It’s PBAoE and it does decent damage. It is a free dash that does damage basically.

The Wraith was said to be not a good stealther, but I strongly disagree. At S3 the other two monsters can be heard walking around loud and clear if they are not sneaking. The wraith can’t be heard as well, as in it is very very quiet, even when “running”. Yes, it has tracks, but you can move freely without being heard. Plus with three dashes and Warp Blast you can clear a large section of the map in a second… literally. Then you Decoy and go on your merry way.

So with all that information, I can honestly say that I am definintly a monster player. As a hunter I am meh. Only cause I do not really play a hunter. A group of guys I was playing with last night, who were good people, were like “can you play a Goliath please?” I responded, “Well I can change from Wraith to Kraken” and I got a unanimous YES! after the match was over… they asked for the Goliath again lol.

I love the feel of the monster. He feels powerful, strong, as they should. When I encounter the hunters, I should be always in beast mode just ripping them a new one. If you were to ask me who I feared the most from the hunters, I would say teamwork. Because for all those out there that say hunters are underpowered and mosnters are overpowered, that is just wrong. If you keep up the pressure, press the monster to keep moving, and when you encounter him, you do the job of your class, you will be successful most of the time.

Trapper’s job is to find and track the monster. Also he is to contain it in the Cage and immobilize it… Shooting should be the last thing they do.

Assault… no brainer. Kills. Keep in mind, your mines can be destroyed by Fire Breath, Vortex, etc.

Medic, keep everyone at full health. Your medgun should always be out, except when the monster has distance on your team, and you create vulnerabilities with your rifle… You only need a couple, then switch back. Those weakspots HURT!

Support well, shielding up anyone who is being targeted by the monster, but primarily the Medic. The Trapper shouldn’t be in the direct fray, Assault has a ton of hit points and their own shield. The Medic is nekkid.

And the marching order… Trapper, Medic, Support, Assault.

Trapper tracks
Medic ready to heal tracker from any hits from mobs
Support to keep the medic from taking damage, especially if they cannot self heal.
Assualt keeps an eye on everyone else.

I have a twitch feed up, if you are interested, just let me know and I’ll send it over. I am on weekdays 6-9ish PM EST and weekends when I am not out riding my motorcycle.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Monsters are awesome and I enjoy the games I play, win or lose.

Edit- When trying to get to S3, I evade. Naturally. But sometimes I will ambush hunters especially when they seperate from the group… or have enough distance from the group. If it is the medic, even better since they cannot heal themselves (except one). If you sneak attack a hunter… they cannot escape it by themselves. So they will die without help.

Also, I will allow myself to get captured a lot of times (even stage 1) when I am ready to evolve. Because when you evolve you lose all your armor anyways. And it lets me put some pain on them, and If I take a hunter out, they give me some distance, which will let me get to Stage 3 easier. But if the assault keeps following me alone (because that is what they do), I take him out, even if I have no armor. Never ever take a monster on alone. You will die 95% of the time.


Have to say as a main medic I disagree with you “Medgun should always be out point unless he is at distance”, If you domed the monster and all your doing is healing you are actually being slight detriment to your team because your not making use of 3/4 of your kit your making your team shoulder all the extra work you could be doing. Sure if people need healing heal them, but if no one needs healing you can bet I’m going to take on of my napalm grenades and shove it up the monsters ass, Or im going tranq him and leave a nice hole for my team to shoot. You have an entire kit and you should use it no matter what class you are.

Also Medic should be at the back of the pack IMO, you are pretty much the monsters highest priority target only exception possibly being Laz, Bot Caira and Val can heal from a distance so no need to be that far up.


I was only passing out suggestions from my experience as a monster. I have limited experience as a hunter. But what I have seen is that if the medic gets hurt, no one can heal her (unless she has a self heal which only one does to my knowledge). So support should be having line of sight on the medic to protect her as much as possible.

As far as the medgun always being out… the intent of that statement was to heal primarily, but yes, if no one is getting hammered, use your other abilities.

Too many times, hunters just shoot me, no one lays down traps, drops mines, use tranqs or create vulnerabilities on me… They just shoot me. It’s a waste of time, even for S1. You gotta use your tool best yes, but you have to play to your role.

The only games I really lost were games like Defend (because still getting used to that mode) and a couple were hunt. The reason I lost… The teams communicated, I mean they had to. They stuck together, and they followed their role.

I dont normally initiate an attack on anyone, except for those who Lone Wolf it. Then their butts are mine as I sneak attack them to death. Oooh I should put that in the main post.


My biggest issue Im finding with teamates is that when the monster decides to focus me as medic the support or trapper (Mainly Abe and Griff as they’re nades/poons function diffrently to maggies) dont do anything to keep the monster off me and I cant get away and you then loose the medic, also assualts who dont get in the monsters face and lastly Trappers that are insistent on only following the trail and not heading the monster off.

I know you where just passing suggestions no harm meant by my comment! Was just saying what its like from the Medics perspective.


Yeah, being the monster is difficult, but you only have you to depend on.

Which reminds me… they really need to allow with communication between monster and the team… even if it is just text…

Anyways, it is MUCH harder for the Hunters, because PUGs while can kill a monster… it is harder… and if you get in a PUG of… not as good players who don’t know their role…it’s really rough on you guys.


The problem with people and wraith is that the wraith players relied too heavily on decoy and running halfway across the map in the beta. All in all, the decoy hasn’t lost any strategic value, you just can’t use it to evade every fight you come across.

As it stands, the decoy is a move that makes laz players cringe with the only good counter against it being Hydes flamethrower.

It’s like being in therapy. After being in the hospital bed for so long, they’ll eventually learn to walk on their own without a crutch.



I have zero worry about how the ability works now. The way it was in beta (never played it then) from what I read was super not cool. But to eat the bodies of the Hunters while invisible… Screw you Lazerus!