My evolve suggestions



I feel like hunters should get slightly larger jetpack energy and more rapid recharge. Especially when you want to evade the monster multiple times as it attacks. Maybe 30% larger energy pool and 10% more reserve, which means the perk is still viable. Fights against Kraken will be a bit more managable.

  • Monster damage telegraphing (in both visual and sound)

Somehow, what I notice is that when hunters get damage from the monsters it’s somehow not clear enough. It’s hard to explmain but monsters, especially goliath can for example dash past you and you appearently receive damage but without any telegraphing on hud or sound wise. (no screen getting reddish, or no thud or gib sound as you get damage). This is sometimes making your awareness of dealt damage very “artificial” and feel non existent, as if it doesn’t happen.

Often I found myself surprised if I’m down because believe it or not I can sometimes not look at my health meter when focusing on a battle :smile:, and I didn’t notice the actual severity of the damage I gotten.

like In left 4 dead, you’d hear when zoey received a ton of damage, the sound of her scream would come more from her stomach, and little damage was just more superficial screams. It’s stuff like that that made you intuitively more aware.

  • hud and map

Would it be possible to scale and recolor the hud ? Move the map a bit more to the bottom, make the colors of the hunter weapon/ability replenishment color more contrasting than “blue on grey”, and perhaps let us alter translucensy also

  • equipment coodlown: Is it possible with equipment to clearly show in the center of screen how many seconds is left on cooldown if you’re trying to use it ? Like in dota, when you click on your ability when it’s on cooldown you see the number of seconds left right next to your mouse pointer). This is cool because you can still focus on the acton and have a quick idea instead of having to watch abstract color info on the hud. In a fight it can help alot, especially for someone who only sees trough one eye like myself.

  • (weapon) viewmodel translusency.

I notice that I get distracted alot by the constant waving and jerking and handling of weapons in front of my face from my own hunter. This is making me lose focus when I have to quickly aim to the monster, especially with val’s harpoons and dart guns. Maybe if you could make the guns to be partially translucent, it will be better and not get in my way so much. I guess I’m the only one with this problem, but there’ really some “realism” going on with swaying and waving weapons and they are very big when you scope. Or perhaps that can be made more static, and you can change your viewpoint so they don’t seem so big ?

  • (monster) Abilities visualisation:

Especially with the monster abilities it would be cool that there’s a more noticable indication on how long an ability is on cooldown. Now, used abilities just “grey out” and come back as orange if you’re able to use them. Wouldn’t it be nice that there’s a little orange ring building up clockwise around the ability which signals the remaindure of the cooldown? That way it’s visually more clear.

Better visualization on what the monster can climb would be greatly appreciated. It can’t obviously scale large walls but when you hold shift, could the parts of the level in front of you not be highlighted as climbable, and the non climbable surfaces greyed out ? Because the levels are so organic in general this could be very useful to learn to distinguish on which walls you can and cannot climb, or which ledges you cannot reach etc… (maybe togglabla in the gameplay menu, for vets who find this annoying and distracting) But it will really help new players and visually impaired players like myself.


I’d like to elaborate a bit on my idea of visualizing what walls you can climb as monster.

Perhaps this is something that can be used when you play against bots to pratice and NOT in pvp matches because that would be unfair. You knkow how in tomb raider you can use survival instinct for Lara to see what you can climb or grab ? Perhaps you could have this as the monster as well, stand still, press akey and see what surfaces are climbable (in green) and the ones that are not remain dark. This would be cool to gently learn the map but wouldn’t work in competitive matches. or if it is, not let it function in any “hardcore modes”.