My Evolve Stream (Ps4 Twitch)


(Looked around for streaming threads, no new ones within a month)

So @LadieAuPair dropped in my stream (Nice talking to you :wink: )
As I was playing just some quick play before my team got on, and I was thinking… There are lots of people on the Evolve forums that enjoy watching streams and participating in them, so if you are on ps4, please, come join me!

Yes this is a promotion of my channel lol

On my channel I will be playing Evolve until it is completely dead. I play Gold monster and play against gold monsters.

Please come hang out and talk to me, thanks!!

[My twitch name is demonhunter1245]


I’ll follow :smiley_cat:

I’m probably gonna try to start streaming at some point this weekend too, should be interesting. I’m not gold though :confused: