My evolve poem


Hello everyone, while spamming the F5 key on the Big alpha code giveaway thread I decided to learn how to make an Haiku and wanted to share it with you and hopefully inspire people to make their own, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Longing for a code
My F5 key is broken
Please send help quickly


Tendrils in the sky
Noob Kraken glides so high up
Uses Aftershock


Trapper misses dome
Hunters too far from relay
Monster Rejoices


Grabbed by megamouth
Great job. Now I’m dead.


Oh my goodness wow!
That reminds me of this thread! ( Bad Evolve Haikus )


Aye, just add to the original thread. It’s already got an amazing body of work.


Would it be alright for me to close this thread then? I mean, if the OP doesn’t mind, of course? :smiley:


Yeah go ahead and close it, I should’ve checked and looked if there was an old thread with the same content before, my bad :slight_smile:


Ah it’s alright, no need to worry about it! :smile: