My Evolve experience today was


…Pretty awesome! My first match: I joined mid-game on Broken Hill Mine, saw a dark cave (and the “take over bot” prompt) and I couldn’t see my own Monster. When I took it over and moved, I realized I was playing Behemoth! I was surprised at how fun he was, and at the fact that I won. I joined when he was Stage 1, so I handled most everything myself. That feeling when I was rolling like one of those boulders in Crash Bandicoot towards Jack who was the last survivor just to end it by clapping Bob’s big hands on him was…Exhilarating. I actually won a lot as Monster today. I won as Goliath and Kraken. But those two latter matches were against a fairly bad team, so I don’t pride myself too much on those. I knew they were bad because I lost with them 90% of the time and some times they got too close to the Monster and got thrashed pretty quick. I did throw one Arena round though for Hyde’s Minigun. I did the same grinding for Parnell’s rocket launcher, but the poor monster lost anyway, he was so bad. Poor guy.

I’ve been getting better as Monster recently. Gotten more familiar with some maps, been trying out different perks like Smell Range (really good for wildlife, kind of good for spotting Hunters.), and won a fair amount of matches with several Monsters. The Kraken win was really shocking for me, as last I used him in Hunt, I died at stage 1. This time, I got to Stage 3 after surviving a Stage 1 dome. That was against the aforementioned bad team, though. And said team had two bots. But for a relatively new player, I’m pleased with my progress. I’m not as afraid to play Monster anymore. :smiley:

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Keep it up! Glad to hear you’re improving your monster play.


Keep on truckin dude. Gotta keep on. You will continue to get better every day. It took me a while to get where I am and I am still getting better and have a lot to improve upon.


So it was Gorgasmic? Yes, I’m going to use that word now.


I need to remember to use that word whenever the subject of snakes or Gorgons (or Evolve’s Gorgon) comes up. The reactions would be so hilarious.


That match was Gorgasmic.

10000% Agree with this.


I’m the opposite: I feel pretty comfy with the monsters, but I fear I suck at hunting.


I feel the same when I play Trapper in Hunt…