My evolution journey :)


strong textSo with all the OP and Up threads I thought some of you might get a kick out of this story of monday night monster action.

So behemoth comes out. I had to wait to get off work so I decided to play some bots to get used to him.

then i decided to jump into the matches. woopee. played against tier 4. and some without it. stomping everyone. building 1 tongue, 1 fissure, 1 RW. then stage 2 i went 3 fissure, 1 LB, 1 TG, 1 RW. if i hit stage 3 i went 3 F, 3 LB, 1 TG, 2 RW.

my behemoth was 6-0, I streamed most of it. decided to take a break and stop streaming. left for a bit. got back on and didnt stream :frowning: terrible mistake. as i believe this would have benifitted 10x to why i was losing. anyways i run into a pre-made team who used nothing but tier 4. to a high degree.

for those who dont know. im not an above average monster player. im those hardcore braggers who consider themselves the best. I lose, sure. but I also do different stuff to find what works…anyways my skill level is pretty high :wink:

on to the guts. behemoth free stage 2. full armor im scoping for a good fight. i get it. in fact i down medic and trapper. looking to put the game away. i had no armor with close to full hp. easy right? WRONG. sunny and torvald wrecked me. I was amazed. 2 hp left i flee. end up losing the match.

behemoth vs team good guys = 0-1. im dumbfounded. i had that in the bag. REMATCH i did something wrong and got cocky!

SAME scenario on a smaller map. free stage 2. full armor. this time i only downed the trapper and left for more armor. stage 3 im full hp. LOSE. but how? who the hell is melting me that fast. am i not killing them fast enough?

behemoth vs team good guys = 0-2. must be my build. they are dodging fissure too easily. must do more damage. REMATCH im angry but enjoying the challenge. i also cannot get away to evolve to stage 3 at all. its getting annoying.

this game they catch me stage 1 do to rng birds. crow + sunny i could NOT get away. im getting angrier now as i stage up and in another dome. lossed. didnt really get to do my build as my evolve location was bad and i melted. i got away there but i hit stage 3 and they caught me doing it again. fun fact tho. stage 3 with 3 hp bars left. I climb up and do a lavabomb plus roll heavy. sunny AND slim drop. so i now know what to do but im too fustrated to play behemoth.

Behemoth vs good guys = 0-3. The rage is real. im dumbfounded at the burst damage these guys can put out. this team is jetpack boosting, cloak trapping. doing it all. the vision blur is killing me too btw. im learning how to crack this team. but its taking forever.

pick kraken this time. in my head at the time i think, well shyt im eating mortors of course. ill play the standard ranged kraken. LS, vortex, banshee mines. Im stage 2 again. full armor i force the fight. again stomp them. the team is in shambles and then maybe 1-2 mortors land as i try to put the game away. lose. amazed. it is here i notice that sunny and torvald are ALWAYS the last to remain.

kraken vs good guys = 0-1. wait what? my main kraken lossed? i mean i didnt do what i tell everyone is the best. aftershock kraken but still! WTF I legitly lossed? what is this madness.

I decided i needed some AOE movement carnage. so i pick goliath…on refinery -.-. stage one caught lose. bad idea for the map duh. i was angry still cuz i lossed again. but not so salty cuz that map BLOWS.

Goliath vs good guys = 0-1. no bueno

#update these guys are currently 5-0 against me WTF

so now im like might as well try my 3 abduct 3 warp blast rampage wraith. I win with no effort. simply because max range abducts are strong as hell and sunny cannot save them. the nerfs did nothing to my style.

Wraith vs good guys = 1-0. still salty as shyt. time for redemptions.

Behemoth! redeem yourself u fool!. 2 strikes on crow. 2 strikes on slim. and 1 strike on sunny. stage 3 fight with good hp and full armor. i try to finish sunny as she survived to let them win. aka i had it in the bag and lost her -.-. my bad right? final fight i focused sunny first. armor gone in 5 seconds and i lose. FML

behemoth vs good guys = 0-4! K so this one I only blamed my self. i made good moves and decisions and messed up at the end. I had my opportunity and missed. woosah.

Kraken. your angry. your the best and now its time to prove it to this team. after shock kraken activated. stage 2 2LS 3 AS 1vortex. lets just say that not only did i not lose hp. i completely crushed them in a matter of minutes on aviary. screaming at my tv how godly i am lol.

Kraken vs good guys = 1-1. they did not need to face that again. it would not have ended well. BUT, and this is a big BUT. here is where my epiphany came about. AOE is killer. I thot but slim heals aoe shouldnt it not work? WRONG. fight fire with fire they say! sunnys shield cannot protect 4 ppl. slim cannot heal himself that great. this was the bane of thier strat. I had found it and now it was time to put it into action.

golaith. REDEEM. 3 points into leap smash, 3 points into charge. the goal was to charge the whole goddam team. stage2. I WINNNNN. im like fuck yeah i can do this! woohoo. also here is where i realised i never lose armor or hp if im near torvald. so focusing him made me win. another epiphany.

#im evolving again.

behemoth. u must win at least one. you can do it. I no you are eating way more damage than the devs intended but idc. we must win. this time i get a good arena to fight in. and i max lava bomb. BOOM WIN. OMFG im the best!

Behemoth vs good guys = 1-5. WOOO. thank god. took me so long.
#your tldr

so i played them a few more times. lossed some and won some. I think the night ended with me 4 wins to their 10.

#final thoughts.
during the beta i had this same…evolution with Lazarus. a good team that used laz, maggie, hank. this is why i like the game. it forces u to do more than just land abilities and press buttons. i dont like losing and i thot behemoth would be unstoppable. but dam was i wrong .tier 4 is no joke!! I messaged those guys GG like a good sport. they made me better tho no lie.

holy smoly look how long this is. hopefully someone wil read it or this is just my diary thread LMAO :smile:


diary read…“The Rage is Real!” lol


i wish i streamed. ppl would have enjoyed it. I was PISSED. my lil bro was in a party with me and he was laughing cuz he was stomping tier 4 and wondering why i couldnt win. these guys were good tho. very good. I take no credit away from them and if i see thier names again in gamebattles or anything i no what i must do hahaha.


Sounds great. I’ve only had an outburst when Behemoth ball bounced on a bone on the ground in the environment that slowed me down and led to a domming.

But I get really happy when there are good hunters out there. It gets old fast when your paired up with dumb dumbs all the time. Challeneges are also rewarding and exciting. And yes…The Rage is Real…lol by far my favorite line


it is lol. i say that all the time. but to go 6-0 to 0-3 is not good for the heart. my controller almost shattered. I looked like ray lewis after a quarterback sack but angry instead.