My dream for evolve


Is that one day I’ll be able to play 5 straight matchmaking games without getting disconnected. For the first time ever I got queued up with 4 other players that had mics, and were polite. In my third game overall but first as monster I got disconnected. I had just killed the trapper! It was so fun and intense! But literally the blue bars for my canyon strider never disappeared and I never got that sweet armor. Will the next patch focus on these kinds of things or do we just have to accept things like this indefinitely? As a Monster and a Hunter I’d like to say that I’d rather play a slightly imbalanced Evolve than not be able to play for more than 45 minutes without being disconnected.


I have a lot of problems connecting to others/finding a match at the begging but once I get into a match I almost never get disconnected unless people rage quit.


But that shouldn’t even be a reason. It happens a lot to me too. If someone is joining or quitting I always hold my breath.


I think it’s more of an issue with 2K and their servers, soooo…I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


It happens to the entire game, all players included. So yes, it’s got to be server side.


I’ll redirect accordingly