My depression


Hey, everyone. Sorry if this fills up or goes against some rule I forgot about. I just want to get something off my chest.

You see, most of the time I’m a sorta happy person. But once or twice a month I get these depressions that make me borderline suicidal when bad stuff happens, like I get into a bad argument or something like that. Essentially I’m very thin-skinned and when that skin is broken I get these depressions.

And it’s just happened right now because of something I won’t talk about, but my point is that here I am, borderline suicidal. It’s really difficult to convey, because I’m writing these words on a fuckin’ computer instead of talking to you directly, but I feel like absolute shit right now.

So how’s your day been? I find that smalltalk usually helps get my mind off these things.


I’m really sorry to hear this. You should never feel that life isn’t worth living. I’ve thought like that before and it’s not the answer. Ending your pain only makes more for those you care for and love. Don’t do that too them.


I know, Shunty, I’m not going to jump off a bridge. There’s a difference between being suicidal and actually committing suicide. I just feel like absolute shit right now.

But I’m real glad you took the time to at least drop by. Thanks, buddy. It means a lot.


I have had depression since i was a kid and yesterday felt like cutting my wrists and laying in a warm bath, but i took my mind off it be playing this game and watching funny YouTube videos


Have you seen a doctor?


Hello,good conversation always liven up the day. You read some manga or watch any series?


[quote=“Doccylarssonseraphim, post:3, topic:100242”]
I just feel like absolute shit right now
[/quote]What’s making you feel this way?


I just get this way when stuff goes the wrong way. I hate it, but it happens.


Cmon dude, you musn’t worry yourself like that! Idk what happened to you, but i guarantee that almost nothing in this world worth your life! You must give some value to yourself, you don’t need to suffer that way just cuz things won’t happen all smooth, we all have more or less problems but we must find something/someone to give us strenght to keep going!

My day isn’t that great too because TRS didn’t do a thing about torvald’s uselessness yet and that damn laggy red dart of R.Abe :llll I already play 30fps - most of the time, so imagine with that damn dart haha

Peace bro, hope our words lift you up a bit ^^


No rules about that :slight_smile: Everyone is here for you

I use to get it a lot and think about it everyday…I guess I stopped and started loving myself because I’m not depressed anymore. I usually got depressed from the people I was friends with…so I stopped going talking to them and going to the website we talked at and forgot about that stuff, as well as my depression.

I hear staying still while in the dome regenerates skin :stuck_out_tongue:

Telling anyone on anything is better than not telling anyone about anything.

It’s been great! The patch came out, I gave my feedback, feeling salty and I’m upset Hank got so many nerfs but it was probably for the best


Of course. It’s no issue at. I hate see people go through this. Anything I can do to help, just ask.


Just not being a git is more than enough. And that’s something you’ve proven to be adept at.


Hai durr. I too have depression.

I just want to say that sometimes, when you’re depressed, there can be absolutely no trigger to make you feel like shit.

Anyways, a few months I snapped and finally gave in to meds, I was a little scared they wouldnt help, but they did. I would advise to atleast give them a try, but if not then talk to a counsellor. They’re there to help you and everything you say is kept confidential. My opinion on the meds is even though they work they aren’t happy pills. They simply help you keep a… Not negative outlook on the days, or atleast, it does for me. It can work different ways for people.

So, I know how y’feel.


watch Mr. Robot


Usually there are triggers, but the worse of them all is the dark cloud feeling that comes out from nowhere


Got to talk to a doctor bro. If you felt this kind of agony in a specific limb you wouldn’t hesitate, don’t hesitate for mental health issues. I can relate to how you’re feeling, and I didn’t start feeling differently until I got an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let it fester. Hope you’re feeling better soon regardless.


To answer your question, I’m doing really good! I just got myself a boyfriend and I’ve never been happier! I’ve always found that engaging in relationships always make me feel better.


This always bring my mood up :slight_smile:


I’ve got a question; what usually makes you happy and are the things that make you happy not doing so anymore?


Generally playing some Evolve has proven to be excellent therapy. But one of my mates is being a git and won’t answer his skype, so I’m pestering him right now.