My deduction on the 5th teir trapper based on the teaser video

Yep :slight_smile:
I’ve just really wanted to be able to have the dome come down in Hunt, and be able to pop up a wall in front of a fleeing monster so he has to either turn around or change directions.


@10shredder00 Isn’t the reveal stream tomorrow?

All the instagram thing said was “Tomorrow” and that was technically yesterday. The next stream starts in… 1 hour and 21-ish minutes.

My countdown doesn’t say until reveal or anything :smile: just until the stream.

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That’d be a cool concept. I’m down for it :smiley:

1 am PST on thursday is in a few hours… it kinda caught me offguard because I didnt think much about it.

Yeah I didn’t take into account the wonky timezones, “tomorrow” for me is today for you. Or yesterday. Whatever.


My concept of time is that am is after pm even though I KNOW am is before pm but I guess its just my brain farting…

Wat, I can’t even time as it is. Now I’m even more lost.

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Its @MidnightRoses, what did you expect?

Hey guys, can i ask that we keep all posts relevant to the topic. :smile:

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Oh I get it today for me is yesterday for you 3 years into the past, + 4 days today - the equilibrium 83 algebra. Right??

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I just asked to keep posts on topic. Id like for this topic not to get derailed please.

EDIT: To make it clear, I would just like this to be a thread where everyone can say what they think the 5th trapper might be like based on the teaser video, nothing more. There are hype threads to leave hype in, this however, is not one of those.

The small guns are taser, that is his CC. The big thingy on his back are DUAL SHOTGUN!!! try to run away from that monsters.

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That sound really cool actually.

I’d like to point out that we already have a number of T5 speculation threads. Yes, they’re somewhat old, and we just got a new teaser, but we’d prefer you bump those than create a redundant thread. I’d recommend using one. For example:

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Start using 24 hour time, fixes that for you. ^.^

Ehhh I can never get use to using that.

Please remain on topic, as the OP has requested twice now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bumb it there for me and close this then