My dance party ( I got bored :3 )

To make your own link Is here :


I worry about you Necro…


This? This is art. This is amazing. Flawless. Beautiful.

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@Quirkly @XkrSkorpion @EyeOfCharon @MaddCow @ReleaseDaKraken

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Already here Necro >_> ya doof

Thank you :3

I DIDNT KNOW (don’t kill me plz)

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Eighty-two million points of win!

“Doom, doom, doom, da-doom, doom, doom, doom, doom …”

Its ok Necro, ily fam

See @Quirkly Charon and Roses are the cool ones here.

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No. Thank you. Thank you for this. Thank you.


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You should make this a Gif :scream:
Thatd be awesomeeee

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Yo, don’t let on as I have an infamy to keep up with the anti-DLC crusaders. :laughing:

1 Like You try it I am not good enough as you must have at least 420 points in the editing skill tree.

My editing skills are scrubby, i dont know how to do the dew

I’m a complex man Necro

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You are a man? I thought you were the physical embodiment of Illuminati and mountain dew compressed into a PC mustard rake user.

OH no its dying hmmmmm I summon @Evil_Fluffy (no spiderman plz)

I’m reviving your thread for you.

It sounds like something out of The Lord of the Rings – a huge, underground city of tunnels lit by oil lamps, with room for more than 20,000 people, just underneath people’s feet.

But a vast subterranean city has just been uncovered in Cappadocia – completely by accident.

Workers in Turkey found the entrance to a vast underground labyrinth underneath homes scheduled for demolition in the city of Nevsehir.

Workers moving piles of Earth found the signs of a huge network of tunnels thought to date back 5,000 years.

The find echoes the famous discovery of another underground city, Derinkuyu (pictured), an 18-storey complex was found in the area when a man knocked down a wall in his basement in 1963.

The new underground city is thought be even bigger – built, like Derinkuyu, during the Byzantine era, to protect the occupants from relligious wars in the region.