My cynical new strategy makes me sad

I’ve developed an effective new trapping style over the weekend and it’s completely put me off the game. It’s similar to hold the dome but the thinking is different. Basically we don’t bother trapping the monster at all unless it’s in a perfect position such as an evolve dome. The rationale is that we would rather have no strikes and fight a full health monster at s3 than risk getting ambushed and getting a strike on a key member. Strikes make te relay fight much harder. Everyone sticks close together and is super defensive, we don’t go into monster favoured areas where we can be ambushed, we will however kill all major buffs and Harry the monster to run down his time so he is forced to over commit later on. This builds on my topics over the last couple of days about how I’ve struggled at relay fights myself as monster. As a wraith I would happily trade a couple of bars of health for some strikes, so I thought why give the monster the chance for strikes? It’s working really well so far in customs against monsters with over 1000 hours play time. I hate trapping when the goal is not to trap, but it’s just so effective. Would like something to be done to mitigate this.
Edit: to clarify we do still toddle round after the monster, but the aim is ‘don’t risk strikes unless it’s to annihilate him, because we’ll wear him down later’ rather than ’ need to trap him to do damage before he gets stronger’

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So you mean you’ll only dome if it’s not a place that gives the monster an advantage? I feel like that’s how the game should be…

As @niaccurshi says, it’s no longer about getting a dome, it’s about WHERE you dome. And I like it this way personally.


Yes but the emphasis is very different to what it was before. Now if it’s an even fight I won’t dome. We’ll just waste his time and kill buffs. Before the emphasis was to do damage now it’s to avoid it and get to the relay intact. It’s very hard to get strikes against a no strike team at the relay. Basically I thought to myself ‘how, as a monster, would I not want the hunters to play against me?’ And then did that.

I don’t know about you but I would love it if the hunters would only dome me in certain areas…It seems a very ineffective strategy. ._. A monster’s not getting strikes S1 unless you screw up, and that’s a fact, really. Unless you’re being an idiot and going like Val/Bucket or something in which case you deserve to die.


Well yes of course but the monster has a disadvantage in most s1 domes so we’ll dome him. Most monsters just full on mitigate at this point but at least it wastes their time a bit. From s2 there is much more risk so I’m less inclined. Look at it this way: I’m confident we can beat a Goliath and wraith at most i not all relays. Anything else just adds the opportunity to mess it up.

You’re playing it reeeeeeaaaaaaaalyl safe then, which is understandable. Each to their own I guess.

Yeah exactly. I’ve just lost all sense of urgency in chasing because my plan b is actually stronger than plan a.

The point is that Plan A makes Plan B MUCH easier.

Not if you have a strike on laz. I would trade 1/3 of my health maybe more for a strike on laz before a relay fight. So this plan is to mitigate that risk from the other side.

works vs Goliath if you have jack, wont work vs a good behemoth and kraken , vs stage 3 wraith works only if you have certain combinations like jack, hank, laz or bucket, maggie markhov laz,

Oh yeah you need a defensive comp. like hank laz torvald jack. I prefer maggie myself. This comp is also really strong against bob if you can get him in the open. Kraken is v strong at s3 so I’m a bit more inclined to trap early. This in itself is compounding advantage the kraken has over the others

…Why does Laz have a strike now? ._.

Well if you engage a good monster a strike on laz is much more likely. I’m normally able to get a strike on him if he chases me. Avoiding that strike is worth more than knocking off a few bars of his health.

even with a torvald and hank a full health and armor stage3 bob with proper ability distribution has enough health tank through the punish and get the downs… tounge->fissure->roll-hit->heavy-hit->sneakpouce combo becomes a lot deadly at stage 3 as it does over 85%-90% health damage(considering a healburst in middle)…

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Laz shouldn’t even be in the dome. And no, if you play your cards right, Laz’s not going down. A strike on Laz means you screwed up, badly.

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Well if you can always defend laz you’ve won anyway regardless of what you do. Just about by definition

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I feel that part of this strategy working is down to the monsters not playing right. I have got used to choosing the moments during stage 2, and even at stage 1 if the hunters are too spread out, to fight in areas that I like. A monster that goes to stage 3 gives hunters back some of the power by gifting them a position to defend, so it’s up to the monster not only to run, but to occasionally try and get those strikes, force a mistake.

That said I can see where the meta will go, because I agree that a competent hunter team probably feels they have the edge if it’s just a relay fight, regardless of stage, be it by running the timer down or whittling health from the monster. This is why I, like you, would like to see something that enhances the monster in some way if the hunters are playing the “We’ll camp this position and win by boring attrition” game.


All I’m saying is that the onus is on defence. We still blitz bad monsters s1 or 2 if it comes to it. Behemoth is relatively easy to damage at early stages but he can def get a strike on laz. Set up in a nice relay position say inside fusion plant or on aviary and suddenly bob is flailing about at hunters on different levels and really struggles. It’s obviously map dependent. On wraith trap against Goliath and wraith you could just set up at the relay from the outset if you wanted its so hunter favoured. Yes exactly, but it’s so hard to balance against monsters who just run to s3. Hilariously in my opinion if they aren’t kraken or bob on some maps. You want to run? Great. Kill you in 5 mins time, we’ll wait.

Yeh to your first point about the picking moments of weakness when they are out of
Position. Traversing terrain will make it so that the team bunches up or spaces out a little. As a monster I wait for this and attack. This strategy is always being careful to avoid this, even if it means missing domes

I disagree. The focus shifts. S1 is straight up offence- you need to be CAREFUL, yes, you can no longer go willy nilly and live- but it’s still all about the offence. S2 is a middle ground. You need to know exactly when to push and when to retreat. It’s a good balance. S3? Defence.