My confussion w/ mad mags complaints


So I see and hear alot of complaining about wasteland mag’s harpoons distance/load time, Why do people feel they are unbalanced now? Do they remember OG mags having 5 traps? That was OP, they neefed to 3 right?


I accidentally hit Enter on my phone… What I was trying to say is a good regular maggie in current state right now can still snare more effectively ti help team and is way more self sustainable. So is it the dmg on top of the amount if snare? I just feel regular mags is unser rates and people are jist complaining because they are not countering a new character.


Original Maggie went from 5 to 3, which was nice, but 5 Harpoon Traps isn’t what we’re complaining about when we talk about current Wasteland Maggie.

The original Maggie back at launch had a very quick arm time as well as having 5 Harpoon Traps. You could spend all your time on the Harpoon Traps instead of shooting the Monster and if that Monster happened to be Goliath… well fuck. He’s not going anywhere.

Now we got Gorgon and Behemoth who are more or less impacted equally hard by quick arming Harpoon Traps as well.
Maggie’s Harpoon Traps have received a big nerf to their quick arm time long before they were reduced from 5 to 3.

Wasteland Maggie’s Harpoon Traps however are using that quick arm time now. That’s most people’s problem with her.
The quick arming and long range kinda negates the supposed disadvantage of having only 1.

I would go as far as to say she’s better at CC than the original Maggie, and even if you might not 100% agree with me then you gotta admit that Wasteland Maggie comes far too close considering her damage output is already much higher than original Maggie’s.

So no, in my personal opinion I don’t think regular Maggie “can still snare more effectively”.
Wasteland Maggie’s quick arm time and long reach makes them extremely spammable and combined with some good kiting will frustrate the hell out of some Monsters.


The flame harpoon goes further than regular harpoons, so you can put it in a general area. Even though it’s only one, it’s actually harder to break that 3 of original Maggie. I hate complaining, but I noticed every time I lose to a team, wasteland Maggie was included.


Were u using te same monster against waggie for those matches


Let me just add that they didn’t “nerf” Maggie from 5 to 3 solely as a Maggie nerf. It was done across the board because they didn’t want 20 deployables on the map once EMET released.

I also just think it’s Maggie’s damage output that gets people crying.


No I use Goliath and Wraith as well.


No, not really. It’s the fact that she has all of that damage in combination with that bullshit harpoon. It’s like the focus breaking power of griffin with the damage of crow.


What’s the arm time on harpoons from both Maggies?

[edit] Also what’s the range on them.


Also remember that monsters could more easily break harpoons back then. Now, it can be a bit frustrating because the harpoon won’t always break if you aim at it too quickly. I feel like the monsters breakage angle didn’t need to be nerfed.


4 sec arm
18m range

1.5 sec arm
25m range

Not 100% sure. @The_Mastermind is this correct?


I believe it’s:

Maggie (Harpoon Launcher):

  • 5 second arm time
  • 20m range (25m break range)

Wasteland (Flame Snare):

  • 3 second arm time
  • 30m range (35m break range)

Griffin is in the middle with 41m range and a 3.5 second reload.


Aramet had it right.


I probably hate her more than anyone. As a trapper main, I feel like she completely takes the value away of being a “good trapper”, everything is done for you, the tracking, the pooning, she is extremely effective against all monsters. I do not feel that the easiest trapper to play should also be the best.
Also I’ve played against her (never even touch her as a hunter, I don’t need to rely on a crutch) in about 95% of all ranked games since her release, I firmly believe she needs a nerf to bring her down to a mediocre level, if people want to play an easy mode character then let them get mediocre results.


I would like to hear some opinions from monsters that are better than me, but as it stands I really have no issue with Wasteland Maggie vs Original Maggie.


The damage from her is bearable but her one harpoon is just over the top.
Too much range with too low arm time.
Should be only 25 meters with 4 seconds arm time or something like that.
She is almost as viable as Griffin for stalking a fleeing monster but has no downside, Griffin pays for his harpoon with less damage and less cc in combat to balance his stalking ability but not WL Maggie.


It’s not about the number of harpoons

I can put 5 harpoons in a doom . I can deal with it

Monster is likely to get away from harpoons easily because of the radius

Wasteland Maggie doesn’t require skill at all . It’s effective . Does damage and spammy . Doesn’t take time to place it

Against Maggie . The monster has to be within 17 meters radius inorder for the harpoons to work

Against wasteland . It will hit monsters all the time

My suggesting :

Activation time should be higher by 2 seconds


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