My conclusions on the 4th tier of hunters and their current state


On my previous thread that asks the community of their thoughts on whether or not the 4th tier of hunters are OP or UP I got a lot of responses. Here’s the thread:

Now here are my conclusions on the 4th tier.

Torvald Assault-

His mortars are a very easy to aim and easy to use weapon. When fighting against a monster, it is very easy to select a single location or to spread out its area of effect. There are two things that are bad about them. One being their power and second being their cooldown. For their power to cooldown ratio, I can't help but ask if the testers were high or drunk to say they were fine (no offence. We all make mistakes. I'm just brutal with my honesty is all). A thing that some people (including some of my testing team) don't like but I think is fine, is that he can shoot straight up into the air and land the mortars on himself. I mean if Hank can throw a planetary orbital strike on himself I don't see why Torvald can't shoot his rockets on himself. But hey, that's just my opinion. Another thing is how his auto shotgun has the same problem as his mortars; too much power for his reload speed. I know it's only a single clip, but for how much damage it deals for that clip is a bit much. Don't ya think? (if not oh well. Your opinion. Not mine)

Sunny Support -

Ah Sunny. On par with my favorite support with Bucket. Since my morality won't let me be bias in any way for my decision making on balance, I have to say what I am certain is wrong with her as well. Let's start with her jetpack-booster. I love using it on my teammates and I love being able to fly up really high or dashing around like a fly on steroids. Sadly though, for its clip size and its recharge rate, I just don't see or feel any balance. Even though its clip size is rather small, its recharge rate counters that tremendously. Once you run out of juice for it all ya gotta do is place a shield drone and shoot like 1-2 shots from your launcher and you'll have like 90% of its clip back, thus making it spammy. So I bet you're asking me, "Well what do you suggest would make it balanced according to your standpoint?" Well, I know it may not sound like the best idea, but I think it'll bring more balance to the table than its current state. I think we should increase its clip size up by 1.5 or 2 times its current size, but also make it's recharge rate high enough to counter that clip size without rendering it overpowered or unbalanced. Now to her shield drone. There are two things that make it unbalanced and one thing that was made right about it. I'll start with the 2 bads and then the good. 

The first one is the cooldown rate. Holy crap me and my team were able to spam that against whoever volunteered to be monster up to stage 2 (which is supposed to be a fair fight) and counter the damage done with all the healers (except Laz) thus making it so the monster was better off attacking punching bags because he wasn't going to be killing anyone haha. Now the second thing that's bad about it is its overall health. That tiny drone has a lot of health. As a stage 1 Goliath, I could do a level 2 Leap Smash and a Level 1 Rock Throw and still have to hit it with melee about 3 times to destroy it (which is bad since every second and ability counts). The one good thing despite its 2 bads is that it only covers someone AFTER they take damage which is good, but not good enough. So now what would I suggest? Well there's a couple options and I want the people to vote for whichever one they agree on. If you don't agree with any of them and think it's fine, then you're entitled to your opinion. Just comment below with the character's name and the number you like (ex: Sunny - 1)


  1. Increase the drone’s cooldown time and keep its other aspects the way they are (health, shielding rate, etc)

  2. Make a small recharge time between shielding hunters but increase its health a little bit.

  3. Decrease its overall health

  4. Since the drone itself is shielded, make it invincible, but have it on a timer for how long it stays active( like 10-15 seconds) and increase its cooldown time depending on its time able to stay alive.

    Now for Sunny’s MiniNuke Grenade Launcher. That thing does a considerable amount of damage but it’s a MININUKE. The things that you have to consider though that counter it’s damage, is it’s reload rate and how it has a one shot per reload setup and that adds up over the match. I think that part is pretty balanced, but the thing that isn’t is its damage for its blast radius. I understand that it’s a nuke, but for its size, it shouldn’t have such an effect if the monster isn’t hit directly with it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But the nuke does so much damage when hit directly.” Yes, but a moving monster is a hard target to hit considering how it is a one shot/reload setup. Plus that’ll encourage the skill factor because it’ll cause people to try and predict where the monster is about to be thus increasing their overall skill level with enough practice. Remember if you don’t agree with what I put. It’s okay. I’m just giving options.

Slim Medic -

Ah Slim. My favorite medic for his little bug buddy. But his damage output for his Leech gun is a bit too high. I think he shouldn't be doing as much damage as he is considering him being a medic. I think his recharge rate for the Leech Gun to his healing burst is actually fair since he has to get close and risk being attacked and he can't spam the bug since it won't heal someone being attacked. I know there will be those teams that'll use this aspect to their advantage, but a Goliath can leap and hammerfist and even light him up with fire breath to counter it. A Kraken can use a number of his abilities and his airborn melee to counter it. A Wraith can use Abduction to counter it and with her traversal, she can warp over to that player and use Nova or regular melee to counter it. A Behemoth can use tongue grab to snatch that player up, Fissure to deal damage, and use Lava bomb to shoot at the spot that flying character is about to land if they try to escape (just don't let go of the attack button and predict).

Crow Trapper -

He is the only trapper I like playing as because he is a character of my playstyle. But I have to admit his pet Batray Gobi when put in an experienced team's hands, it is spammable to never lose sight of the monster. What I'd suggest to counter this is to put like a 5 second cooldown (or a timed cooldown like that) to after Gobi gets back on his arm. Gobi is my favorite part about him but once I spot the monster with him all I gotta do is continuously press his ability's button and never lose sight no matter how much effort the monster puts in to get away. It's basically a never lose monster button haha. His armor piercing rifle I am unsure of. It really doesn't do a freakishly amount of damage but yet it does ya know? I am inconclusive about his rifle. But I think if Gobi gets my proposed cooldown, then I think his current damage rate with it would be justified since the monster would have more of a chance to escape to feed to get armor and evolve.

Well these are my proposals and it took a LOT of testing to come up with these. It took about 3 hours to test each tier 4 hunter with other tier combinations and about another hour and a half to test the different damage output and how those combos work together and about another 2 and a half hours to properly test with each monster at every stage. Just remember. These might not appeal to everyone and that's normal. If you don't agree with what I proposed, remember, you're opinion counts too! Even if I don't agree with you, your voice is just as important as anyone else’s.

I would like if @MacMan would give me feedback on my findings too, but the main thing I want is for the community, the people of Evolve, to give me their feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read. I know it’s long but in order to cover something like this it takes a lot of preparation.

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