My Concept for a 4v1 Game


There are many ways to be a medic.


A medic that heals his teammates if he take damages as a passive ability, sort of like a tanker but weaker.
I mean, if the medic takes damages, his teammates gets healed in return. If a teammate who isn’t a medic takes damages, the heals are not applied.


Class, Hunter
Gender, Female
Age, 43
Nationality, Russian (USSR)

Primary, Repenter. A magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun developed specifically for fighting the alien threat. This weapon has a high recoil, limited magazine, and is incredibly loud. These downsides however, don’t take away from the damage and range this weapon provides at a quick rate thanks to the semi-auto mechanism. (Shotguns in this game work like real shotguns, pellets don’t become useless after 10 feet)
Secondary, Makarov. This pistol carries special ammunition designed to disorient the alien creatures. When hit by one of these rounds, the alien will be unable to see their UI at all, making it harder to know when abilities are ready, what their health is, if a human objective is being completed, and what the health is of the humans. This 6 round pistol has a decently quick reload, but the new rounds cause a high reload and lower than normal rate of fire. When fired on the enemy AI, they will be blinded and unable to attack the humans.
Utility, Pheromone Mine. A throw-able landmine filled with chemicals allowing the humans to see the alien player through walls by highlighting the creature. This mine does a small amount of damage, but primarily serves as a way to keep an eye on the alien for extended periods of time. Can play multiple of these mines, and take a small amount of time to arm.
Class Ability, Behemoth Trap. Based on the designs of bear traps, this device uses a stream of chemicals projected from a core device to essentially trap the alien within a small area. This ability acts as a way to force the alien to either stay to fight, or to be stuck while the other humans run away. This device can only have one out at a time, and must be manually activated within the range of the device’s range. Humans and alien can enter the device, but neither can exit once inside.

Role: This mid-tier hunter is dedicated to keeping tabs on the alien and disrupting the alien’s power. Using her shotgun she can provide her share of damage, but her main worth is that she can give all the humans eyes on the alien no matter where it goes. Where the alien is, what it is doing, and if it is a threat are all valuable knowledge to have when possible. Her pistol as well serves as an effective in combat tool while other humans are damaging the alien, or if a human needs to get away then there is slightly more chance to get away. Her class ability is her best ability however, being able to force a fight or to stall the alien while the humans complete objectives.

Class, Doctor
Gender, Male
Age, 26
Nationality, United Kingdom

Primary, Shard Rifle. Using technology based on the virus infecting the human population, this rifle self generates ammunition for a highly accurate rifle. This semi-automatic rifle uses sharp projectiles dealing moderate damage at any range. When fired, a count of ammunition is used, which then starts a process of regenerating ammunition. Any time there is not a full count of ammunition, this weapon will regenerate ammunition whether active or holstered. The player can reload the weapon manually, but it will have to dispose of the existing ammunition before regenerating a new count.
Secondary, Machine Pistol. A low damage, small clip, fully automatic pistol that gives an alternative to the slower Shard Rifle. This pistol allows Oliver to deal with targets that are either closer to him, or lower health than the alien or larger variants of infected.
Utility, Armament. Oliver deploys a device based on the virus to give himself both armor and the ability to damage enemies that attack him. While in use, Oliver receives reduced damage from all sources, but all damage he receives pre-reduction is still applied to his Juggernaut Relay. Last for a few seconds and then put on cooldown.
Class Ability, Juggernaut Relay. When taking damage, Oliver stores a charge that is a percentage of the damage he takes from any source. At any time he has charge, Oliver is able to heal humans around him with the amount of energy stored. All humans in the range of this ability receive the full healing, with Oliver getting a small bonus amount of health restored.

Role: Oliver acts as a combat medic, helping fight is how he prevents the team from dying. His abilities all focus around him being the one taking damage, and preferably dealing damage, to build up his healing capabilities. His two choices of weapons allow him to deal damage from most ranges, but he will always prefer to be taking damage so that his class ability is most effective. While being in the middle of a fight with the alien will be beneficial, Oliver is perfect for fighting the infected since they do not have the player input to not keep damaging him.


Perhaps instead of killing the alien once, there would be a set amount of lives the alien would have, since there are so many spore creatures. Killing the alien could set him back maybe lowering his upgrades. The objectives for the alien could have rewards such as more aliens as lives and upgrades. Aliens created by these objectives could also have a different stat buff based on what life form was used to create it. Some suggestions for task variety for the alien player.


That gave me an idea, what if the human players’ goal is to destroy the core nest that generates the spores and the alien player’s goal is to protect it? There would be two types of areas, the safe zone (which is outside of the nest’s controlled area) and the hazardous zone (inside the nest’s controlled area).
The hazardous zone is basically like a dome of spore surrounding the core nest, what it does is that it forces the humans to wear a gaz mask, heavily limiting their vision perimeter and slightly decreasing their weapon’s accuracy. The hazardous area doesn’t affect the alien player, it neither buff or nerf the alien player when entering it, it only affects the human players entering it.

In fact, I believe this is an excellent idea for the horror style.


I would rather maps have different themes with the objectives reflecting that.


If the alien was extremely skilled, that would become a drag; he could just end up wiping the hunters over and over again, because I’m assuming the respawn is somewhat like evolve, with the strikes and drop ship and stuff.