My Concept for a 4v1 Game


Hey so this is a bit weird, but after talking to @GrizzleMarine and getting ideas, I just decided why not? This is my concept for a blend of the 4v1 of Evolve, and the story driven co-op design of Left 4 Dead. So without further ado, he’s a rough concept for a 4v1 game.
Story Synopsis
During the mid 80s (can be changed to any time period really, I just like the idea of setting it in the Cold War, post Vietnam War) governments around the world find crashed pods without a trace to any known Earth-based launches. Shorty afterwards, containment and research begins, but more start to come. Eventually the pods start to activate, releasing spore like structures that infect and mutate living organisms. Due to the sheer amount of pods, these organisms start to spread, infecting and multiplying. Due to the limited technology, and the fact that the organisms would almost always kill (or the governments would capture the individuals) before they escape, the aliens are mostly unknown to the public. The governments of the world rush to stock up on nuclear arms, but secretly establish a multi-nation armed force to combat the alien threat.
Tl;Dr, alien pods start raining down on Earth, the volume of which leads to outbreaks that mutate organisms. Governments form task force to fight it.

The game is, like Evolve, split into two ways to play. There are the operatives (working name), or the humans, that are given objectives to complete. Usually these would bet set up either in open ended decisions for the players to choose, or would be multiple stages of a level that have different objectives unlocked after the completion of an objective. The humans must either complete all the objectives, or kill the alien player to win the match. The humans would be first person, and be separated into classes. The current classes are Bodyguards (damage and area denial), Hunters (CC and tracking), Engineers (buffs and debuffs), and Medics (Healing and Slowing of Death). A traditional layout, but one that works and allows for room to have characters with kits that are all their own.
The alien however play out differently. The alien player has their own goals they need to achieve, but those goals usually take longer than the humans and will lose if they only focus on them. The alien player gains power through causing damage, some power through wildlife but a lot more through damaging the humans. This power allows the alien to increase its strength by upgrading its abilities (and maybe health/armor?) by using branching ability trees. Upgrade an ability that makes one player not able to see you to an ability that creates an AoE that causes players an AI to not see you. This allows for players to choose how they play an alien, and gives more options for how an alien is designed. Turn the low health trickster into either the silent stealth assassin, a quick glass cannon, or a disorienting trickster.

One big thing is that the game features AI enemies for the humans to fight, and AI wildlife for the aliens to use as power up sources. For the humans, their enemies are the mutated humans that the aliens create. These are essentially zombies, with different types of enemies being used and some tools used to prevent them from being a typical large swarm of mindless AI. These AI would be like, coordinated piranhas that are always wanting to infect organisms. The alien player has some control over where they want the AI to be (with some aliens having more control than others), but in general the AI will choose to stay closer to objectives or ambush players where their type of enemy is most effective. For the alien’s wildlife, they are much like what Evolve had. Some always run away, other will put up a fight. These are mostly just for the alien, but the humans do stand to gain by killing the wildlife, since the alien only gains power through dealing damage.

Something I wanted to go for was with the aliens, taking inspiration from aquatic life. One playable alien could be like a reef, basing its abilities about dealing AoE attacks and summoning swarms of AI to overwhelm the humans. Another would be very squid/octopus like, floating in the air with tentacles trailing, using mind related attacks and manipulating the humans directly.
With the humans, I would go from beginner level operators being grounded and using equipment from the time period, and then progressively getting more sci-fi (taking inspiration from 80s and modern stuff) with the operators, blending alien technology and human togeather. An entire tier of hunters based around knowledge of how to counter the aliens, then th tier above them starts to adopt alien technology.
Something to keep is the dark theme that L4D and Evolve had, with some humor thrown in. To these people it is very serious, and they take the work seriously. Throwing in some dark imagery (say dead bodies or an entire town that was taken over by the aliens) would help set a mood, but keeping the humans likable will be an important part of keeping players in the game.

Last Notes
We have to learn from the mistakes from games that come before us. People didn’t like how Evolve handled DLC and Microtransactions, so we use what they do like that also makes us money. L4D2 wasn’t received as well as its predecessor, so we see what was different and better in either title, and we apply it. With some work this idea could fail or succeed, but its better than not trying.

Now, time to enjoy some quiet time before questions or ideas come up.

Sooo I need some community input

I’m one for originality but it makes me happy to see a possible Evolve successor.

Having a bunch of abilities to choose from is something I love in games, customization in my opinion is one of the best things to have in a game.

The Operators will never know what to expect which might make it hard

I enjoy what you did for the names for the Operators as well

I also assume this is what the concept art is about?

Last thing is that it’s a really cool idea for the world to still work in a way that doesnt need anyone near them to be active. Like in Evolve how a Megamouth crawled towards Strider within a vision of 300 meters or so. At least that’s what your explanation of the piranhas sounds like

I wouldn’t worry about the inactivity of this thread right now as it’s nighttime and most people are in bed, personally i would enjoy to see this project follow through


If this game was made, without the microtransactions.
It would end up as a better evolve.

But it would be hard to make a game as advanced or even more advanced than evolve, without the funds.


But before you get into this project, have you thought about hiring people, downloading softwares as tools, made a notepad to refresh your ideas, etc…?

PS: I have never started my own project, first of all I’m starting to get a job as a web designer and later in the future as a programmer. But I don’t feel ready for that though…


Thanks for the feedback. And no, the concept art is for another project.
@Axilla indeed it would be. Multiplayer games are nothing to take lightly.
@Dovahkick wouldn’t consider this a project. More, an idea that I have had on my chest for quite a while and just wanted to get out there. I’d love to work on something like this, but I’d only do it if I I knew I could get a team togeather for it. Also good luck in the programming.

This is more or less an idea to see what people think/what they come up with


Because I wanted to, here are two concepts for human player characters. One that represents a beginner tier, and then one that is a later tier (adopts alien technology). Also I want to clarify that class abilities in this would be unique to each character, but always have a common theme. So Victor has the airstrike, but a later bodyguard could have a napalm grenade that stays around for a long time, or an artillery strike that is one big damage.

Class, Bodyguard
Gender, Male
Age, 46
Nationality, United States of America

Primary, M60 Machine Gun. A powerful weapon that features a large clip of rounds, able to be fired for a long time. A low rate of fire and low switch speed reduces the effectiveness of the weapon, but will mow down a horde of AI or keep the pressure on an alien better than most.
Secondary, Rocket Launcher. A powerful rocket powered launcher, this weapon fires in a straight line and deals heavy damage in an AoE. The downsides to this weapon is a steep damage dropoff after just a small distance, and a long reload after every shot taken.
Utility, Armor Piercing Rounds (APR). Takes out the current belt of ammunition and puts in a rack of armor piercing rounds, able to pierce through multiple enemies at once and deal full damage through armor. After switching or using all the rounds, a cool-down is put in place relative to the amount of rounds used.
Class Ability, Airstrike. Throws a device like a grenade where, when it lands, calls in an Air Strike in a circle around the device. To prevent furstration over failed lobs, it can be cancelled anytime before the strike starts, but will have to cooldown relative to the time passed. This airstrike deals massive damage but is limited in size to a small area.

Role: Victor works as an introduction to the bodyguard role, protecting the team primarily from the AI enemies. His tools revolved around being able to take down multiple enemies at once, but when needing to focus on one target he can apply consistent damage from multiple ranges.

Class, Engineer
Gender, Male
Age, 32
Nationality, Germany

Primary, Corona. Using a combination of human and alien technology, the Corona fires several small plasma ball projectiles at a high fire rate. With a short windup this weapon fires very fast, being one of the higher fire rate weapons in the game. Although it does low damage, it has the benefit of leaving behind a burned damage over time which stacks as more shots are landed. A quick reload and good hipfire accuracy, but considerable recoil and reload times keep this a powerful weapon for any target.
Secondary, Reaper. A single barrel break action shotgun that packs a special type of shell. This shotgun fires several pellets that each reduce the armor of the targets it hits. The more pellets that hit, the more armor that is stripped. AI enemies lose their armor permanently (not accounting alien abilities), but the Alien’s armor regrows overtime after a delay. Being a single barreled weapon, it has to be reloaded after every shot, but the strengths of stripping armor and having a decently quick reload keeps this a powerful, but limited in range tool.
Utility, Reinforcement Pulse. Using a modified strain of the virus, Lambert releases an AoE that gives all nearby humans bonus damage reduction through adding armor. This ability lasts for a few seconds, but will help keep human players alive until the buff degrades.
Class Ability, Neuro Grenade. Lambert throws out a grenade that, after a delay upon landing, releases out gasses that forces the AI to freeze in their tracks. The alien suffers from their abilities being unavailable for use, and all cooldowns to stop until they leave the gas cloud.

Role: Serving as the armor specialist of the team, Lambert uses his kit to make the enemies easier to kill, and his team harder to kill. This character is really big on stacking his abilities together. Using his armor shredding shotgun will make his Corona deal more damage with its ticks of damage. His armor buff to his teammates also pairs with his class ability in that it allows his teammates (or himself) to be safe for a short period of time, and allow themselves to be picked up or escape.

These are just ideas, not meant to be final. I just had some fun coming up with characters that are meant to serve a specific role on the team. Class abilities aren’t exactly defined, but that’s the fun of it.


So basically, Victor is a mix of Lennox and Hank while Lambert is a mix of Quantum Caira and Renegade Abe.


I was thinking more Hyde and Hank tbh.


I see a Lennox as well with the AA Cannon having the long fire time/fire rate

I also see Parnell.

I see you said that Victor is more of the T1 while Lambert is a latter tier. It’s really cool to see the massive jump and it is an interesting twist to see how they adapt over time


Wouldn’t lambert’s Abilities make him more of a supportish type hero? I think of engineers as more of a build stuff type class.


Lambert is a support. Engineers aren’t always building walls or turrets but they make gadgets as well. The engineer is more of a buffer/debuffer as said in the OP


Oh ok. Well I guess you’re right. Still, engineer sounds more like a build defenses kind of class.


Don’t get me wrong


That’s exactly what you should think because that’s what they are lol


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That’s not funny, Garratose.

If you hop in this thread just to write jokes without giving proper attention to the thread’s theme, then there’s no point for you to join it! In that case, you’re giving no respect to the OP. Show that you care, god damn it!


Engineer is more or less my way of not using the same old names of Assault, Medic, Support, insert 4th class here for game being played (usually sniper, in this case Trapper). So I use Bodyguard, Hunter, and Engineer. I’m thinking replacing medic with Doctors as well, just a thought.
You could say they, :sunglasses: Engineer the battlefield.


Or maybe a parademic, it fits well IMO.


Lol. Fair enough.


I’m thinking later today I do 2 more hunters. Any requests?


I definitely wanna see a Medic