My computer can run Evolve at least?


I wonder if my computer could at least run Evolve

DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E7500,2933 MHz (11 x 267)
Intel Pearl Creek
NVIDIA GeForce Gt 630
4 Gb ram
Windows 64 bits


Probably not at a playable frame rate. Gt630 is low profile card that cannot run any newish games…



I am sorry, but I don’t think you’ll be able to run Evolve on those specs. Even so you might want to check things out here:

Run a test at the link above and see your results. Sysreq is not perfect but it does give a general idea of whether or not a game will run on your PC.


LOL not well enough…

I’m playing at what I call the XBoned experience, with medium settings (virtually no impact from low, moderate improvement to visuals) @ 900p and still drops to lows of 30FPS with a i5 and HD6850 which smokes your system.

If you dropped resolution to like… whatever the hell is 16:9 and lower than 1600:900 you might be able to run it on low @ 30FPS…


I wouldn’t count on it though.

as a side note, you prolly shouldn’t run 64bit windows with only 4GB RAM. There’s a very small overhead with the x64 architecture, but it allows for more RAM usage… which is no benefit to you since the x86 architecture can already use all your RAM. It’s not significant enough to warrant a reinstall, but you might want to opt for running 32bit software unless you have no choice in a circumstance.

Also, I’m guessing that’s a laptop?