My comp meets all recommended specs But graphics


I did the check and my comp is more than enough for the game but it tells me i need to buy a Geforce card… Not to sound skeptical but the whole site when you get to it is sponsered buy NVIDIA and Geforce… my comp runs all games i play on 200 to 300 fps like LoL on max i kno that Evovle has a higher demand but really im asking instead of upgrading my comp for one game should i just buy a consule so i can have friends play with me at my house? I cant wait for the game but i want the best experience out of it that i can get. and im having a hard time finding information on this


What’s your GPU?


Well if you posted your specs we could try and give you a rough idea.

Thing is most of us just played the beta/alpha where it was un-optimzied and had no driver support so…


Amd fx 8320 eight core processor amd raddeon hd 7800 series i think this is what your asking


I’ve got 7950 graphic card and i could run it on Ultra.My guess is you will be able to run it just not at Ultra settings.


thats fine and thank you very much… i was worried… and when u played it was smooth with a keyboard and mouse for both hunter and monster? or should i invest in a some sort of xbox controller for my comp? all the videos i have seen show keys like a xbox or ps3 controller


Its preferances.Whoever is used to controller wants a controller.I’ve been on PC my whole life so K/M is better for me.
And yeah its as smooth as it gets


just trying to also figure out if comp is going to have the best experience for gaming i know from playing cs and other shooters that the mouse is much better but like if u have a few friends over and want to get them in the game is the comp experience that much better that having your buddy sitting next to you hunting a monster wouldnt be more entertaining?


ya i like the mouse much better have been always on PC since counter strike 1.3 but im just looking for a good all around experience and if i had to get a 200 card i was gunna just get a consule to play with friends


I don’t think there is a split-screen or anything so you can fight with your friends from your couch


even in the offline mode? my finace seen the video and was like woah that looks fun can we hunt the ultimate end game boss together lol


by the way guys thanks alot for the information im SUPER PUMPED FOR THIS GAME i cant wait to b a trapper and lock down a beast for the kill lol. or stomp some hunters as a monster


Quick research showed me that there is no split-screen unfortunately :confused:
Not online nor offline


its a radeon HD 7870 series i looked it up and its the same as a geforce 660 ti or better if not as good so i think i should be ok


OS: Windows 7 64-bit
INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600
AMD CPU: Athlon 64 X2 6400
ATI VIDEO CARD: Radeon HD 5770

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
INTEL CPU: Core i7-920
AMD CPU: A8-3870K
ATI VIDEO CARD: Radeon R9 280

You well exceed the minimum, and come in about even with the recommended. If nothing else, just enable overdrive in Catalyst Control Center.


I got the same graphic card and a cheaper AMD CPU (FX-6300) and I run Evolve at a relatively smooth framerate at high but I must play it in medium to get the best performance out of it, but frankly the game still looks stunning. You will be able to play in high for sure.


What’s that?Not that i have a problem i run Evolve at Ultra with my 7950.But i remember browsing through AMD Catalyst Control Center and i was too afraid to change something so i have everything in default.


@WiBaKi it’s like a gpu overclock, but be careful you need to make sure you can check temps and ensure it’s not going crazy.


Yeah ain’t going to do it then.I mean later maybe but for this 1 or 2 years(can’t remember :slight_smile: ) i can hear my PC using its Fans a lot.I guess its becaue besides the i5 having tis own cooling system and my GPU having only its 3 fans,my PC only got 1 Fan for itself.I really need to put more in there and then maybe considering overclocking


Your PC case should have 1-2 fans in the front and in the back for proper airflow. A case should never only have 1 fan.

Also all that matters in the end are the temps, even if your case has bad airflow, so long as the GPU isn’t throttling there’s no reason not to OC. More frames is more frames.