My cheap tactic to win when playing as the monster


The cheap tactic basically is:
Ate enough wildlife to be able to evolve to Stage 3, go the furthest away from the power relay, sense to know how far are the hunters from you and evolve when you feel they got close enough to you, and then RUN TO THE POWER RELAY AND DESTROY IT!!!


  1. This only works on Distillery and Weather Control because the power relay is not placed at the center of the map like Orbital Drill and Wraith Trap.
  2. There WERE players aware of this kind of tactic and waits at the power relay before I evolve to Stage 3

(I don’t ALWAYS use this tactic, as I am mostly able to take down the hunters)

Do or did you use this kind of tactic?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have you ever fought AT LEAST 1 monster player who did this kind of tactic?

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  • No

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Wow. I have never seen this tactic before. /sarcasm


Yeah well, despite me using it often, I haven’t fought any monster player who did this tactic.


Do you know why?


I’ve done something similar before, but instead of bum-rushing the relay I watch for hunters which use all their jetpack rushing towards the relay, then charge in and get a quick strike.


Nope, why?


Because people fucking hate FT3. It’s the most boring and annoying tactic ever. It’s so boring as the Hunter and the Monster. You literally turn the game into a fantastic walking simulator by doing this.


The Wraith is my second LEAST favorite character, only behind Kraken.


FT3 doesn’t exist in stage 2 except against truly incompetent hunters.


Crowing over this extremely toxic and un-fun playstyle would lead me to believe otherwise. Also, not my point whatsoever.


Eh. If you stack movement and feeding speed perks and follow feed routes, it’s basically the same thing. Though it’s essentially suicide against a team that’s seen this stupid shit even once, because they’ll just grab a buff and head relay after s2, denying the relay rush, and that leaves you with a fully prepared team with no strikes, favorable terrain, and no combat perks to worry about.


So I should be fighting hunters at Stage 1 I guess?


She’s not saying to do that.

She’s saying that by running to Stage 3 and then hauling ass across the map to finish the match by destroying the relay isn’t fun for the hunters at all. They just follow you for the whole game without doming you much (if at all), have a massive disadvantage against a Stage 3 monster that hasn’t taken health damage and then you still decide to go for the relay instead of giving the hunters a fight for the whole match.

No monster in their right mind would fight at Stage 1, most of them go for fights at Stage 2 where it’s more fair for both sides.

Edit: this is assuming the hunters you fight against aren’t that great at the game, which to me it sounds like they aren’t. It makes people who want to enjoy the game have the complete opposite experience, they end up being bored, annoyed and then call it “running simulator”.


I get domed often, and if I’m unlucky, even get domed at Stage 1. Out of all the matches I played where I got domed ONLY after reaching Stage 3, it’s only about 10% if not less. Most of the matches I get domed right after evolving to Stage 2.


I generally run to two and will fight at one of I get a good opertunity like a sneak in the medic or them fighting something else and damaged.
Mostly only go 3 if I’ve had a really bad dome or low on health.
I go random a lot so I knew what it’s like trying to chase down someone who just ft3


Yeah well IMO the game should be mostly about fun and in Evolve stage 1 I ALWAYS fight at stage 1, and 2, and usually never bother with stage 3.

It was just a matter of being a bit more careful and stage 1 fights can be some of the best as there is the most to lose IMO.

I love a good challenge.

But lately something changed, I cant win a fight as monster in almost any conditions.

I am losing to teams of bots in hunt tutorial!!! WTF??? They melt me like butter and always have constant harpoons in me. Its like reload speeds and healing burst speeds have gone insane or something?

I dont know what changed but I find my health and armor just melt off super fast, getting downs against even a half decent team means sacrificing a huge chunk of health, I do not know what is going on the last week or two or so, but life as a monster has changed dramatically.

Maybe its just like the first time I hit level 20 on consoles and hunter teams take a big upswing in difficulty somehow, but it feels different.

I am seeing other threads on this matter recently too so i know I am not alone, I also main Gorgon and people said she was OP on consoles but is UP on PC, but I was kickin butt with her in stage 2 up until some recent point, did she get some massive nerfs or did hunters all get buffed recently?

I want to stick with it but its getting frustrating, heck i was in an overpowered match and laz was the medic, he was easily able to “OUTHEAL” the damage I was doing to any focused target!! LAZ!!
It was OP mode but it really was eye opening, I was hitting every ability and they werent doing a good job mitigating, I would spend 4-6 rounds of concurrent abilities on a single target in combo fashion and nothing, actually nothing as in full health still?!?!?!?!?!?

I just love monster so much I cant stop playing even though i lose every match now, when I was winning most of my matches previously. It really feels like a drastic change, not just a little. Can solo perk abuse among teams really be the only reason? IDK, but its doesnt seem like that would have been enough alone, TRS may have changed something else and not told us?


I have only done this once that I recall, when facing a good team I know I would lose to. And you know what? It felt dirty man, like cheating at cards. 1/10 would not do it again. Not fun for hunters, and not classy for me. SHAME!


I once considered it as gorgon, but it ended in a relay fight anyway and I think I won. I have never encountered this when playing hunter.


How do you know what cheating at cards feels like.


Ding ding ding. Shame!