My calendar must be broken


I checked all my devices, even the one made of paper that hangs on the fridge that I mark as the days go by and according to them it is not febuary tenth. Now unless I’m watching people streaming from the future, how are there Xbox and PS4 players having what seems to be a hell of a blast in the multiplayer servers?


Press release


According to the devs, that’s press copies - gotta have the press ready to review for launch, I guess. :slight_smile:


XBONE and PS4? Doesn’t sound like it, but it may be possible…


A dev specifically said that it was press releases when asked about people on the PS4 i’ll try to find it and link it.


You don’t have to. I trust you.

Just weren’t sure, s’all.


Thank you for explaining, I just felt like I missed christmas when I saw that there were PS4 streamers.


No problem it wasn’t any trouble I’d already read the thread where those were posted so it took me all of 30 seconds to find em.