My brother made an awesome looking for group website with Evolve on it


My brother and I love playing Evolve and we would playing Hunt all the time together. The problem was that we would always get these randoms that love to mess around, not do their job, or just quit out. It was annoying.

Being the computer programmer he is, my brother decided to create a website for people to find other cooperative, chill people to play with. He’s been working on it for a while, and I think it turned out great! Let us know what you think of it:


The background on any page other than Home is broken.


Hmm, that’s weird. It seems to be working just fine for me. By broken, do you mean that it’s not loading at all, or it’s just slow?


Nice website !


I’ll be sure to use this if it takes off.
^^ Tis a nice system!


What I mean is that the Home page works fine and uses…

background-image: url(;

…resulting in a nicely working Batman background.

Whereas the other pages use…

background-image: url("");

…that (for me at least) links to a no longer existing page, instantly redirecting the attribute to

The result looks like this:


You’re right on the money, thanks for pointing it out! It’s fixed.

Explanation: The background image was swapped out because we wanted to optimize it. Our guess is whoever swapped it also forgot to replace it on all the other pages that had the same background image.