My best 3D Drawings :)


Its a while ago since i hv make my Last Topic here in the Forum but i wanted to Show u Guys some of my 3D Drawings i hv make this and Last year i Hope u like it drawing in 3D is kinda hard to do :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

Glass of Water

Cute Hamster


Charizard ( my newest Artwork )

Piranha Plant


Glass of Water and Fishes are the ones I vividly can see
Charizard I think, is there as well. Mind playing tricks and all hard to see if it’s 3D or 2D :smile:


yeah 3D Arworks are really hard to make perfect because u need to know how u get the perfect perspective on it and need to know how to how to do draw the shadows right :slight_smile:

The Glass of Water was my first 3D Artwork i hv done ^^

There are so many insane 3D Drawings on YT and sometimes im really wondering how the hell they do it xD


That’s great stuff. The phirana plant was prolly the hardest. Just from my observation skills.


These are awesome! Thank you for sharing. :smiley:


that is so fun. thank you for sharing ^.^


These are all amazing, but the effect stands out most with the fish, glass, and Charizard, and Char is my favorite! I wouldn’t even attempt these types of drawing myself…waaaaay too much effort lol. I know you have to alter perspective and such while you draw and constantly keep readjusting yourself…not easy! Excellent work!


That fish one is incredible. They’re all impressive, of course, but that fish one is the best by far imo.


When I saw the first cup drawing, I thought it was a real plastic cup filled with water that you just placed on a sheet of paper.