My Behemoth thoughts


-should have the most health and armor

  • most damaging monster
    -slowest movement speed
    -special movement should be a tumble or roll
    -should not be too humanoid
    -should still maintain biological features like flesh teeth eyes etc


VERY deceptive thread title. For whatever consolation it is, you got me.


Damnit, I though someone had leaked info on behemot :<


My bad irrelevant title


You can rename it.


I did thank you


Hope some1 does Im itching to know


What is this ?


What do u mean


I haven’t departed this topic


Cool,what dose that mean?


You said it will be deleted


Yeah I deleted it


He didn’t say anything. The forums themselves are stating he marked it to be deleted, and it will be deleted in 24 hours.


I agree with the humanoid thing I’m sick of seeing humanoid monsters there needs to be a little bit of diversity in terms of the monsters body structure like a lizard, or dinosaur or an insect, something new


Doubt it will be the most damaging, that will belong to the squishier monsters.

EDIT: Edited the thread title to make it less misleading.


Yeah more of a monster monster because it’s more practical in speed with four legs goliath can walk on four when he crawls and charges but one that only walks on four can add diversity to monster structure you are right


The run on sentence is real.


I was agreeing no need to be rude I had my final on Thursday so don’t give me some online grammar and punctuation quiz.


Not being rude, just saying that it was real.