My Behemoth Experience


Here is my first experience playing behemoth!

Custom game, hunt vs Ai, broken hill mine.

Chose Behemoth with 1 fissure 1 tongue and 1 rock wall.

Speed actually not terribad (I took 15% movespeed perk)
I never had problems with the terrain with rolling.

Tongue grab aiming was good, no miss bugs (although the range is pitifully short IMO)

Rock wall was fairly accurate, although once it literally did nothing, and another time had a hole wide enough ONLY for hunters… Lol.

Behemoth takes MASSIVE amounts of damage. Really massive. I had bucket as the AI support. Whenever I turned around to face a turret directly, I was literally taking 1/4th of an armor bar of damage PER TICK. Kind of crazy. Weak spot needs reworking imo.

Overall very fun. Not really broken, although the damage is kinda crazy. Very fun to pin 3 hunters against your wall and smash them to pieces!

More experiences incoming!


I just evolved in the middle of a domed engagement…behind rock wall. And won!

So, so, so awesome!


He’s very glass cannon. Wrecks hunter teams in seconds. Gets wrecked just as fast. It’s not what I expected. Sneaks like a boss though, had a team litterally walk down my back at stage two. Never noticed me.


2nd round, still AI.

Got caught stage one. Downed the assault with a rockwall/pounce. Didn’t mean shit cause Lazarus D:
Ran (this mofo is fast if you have a good line.)
Hid, evolved, nommed, fought stage 2.
Got a great spot to wall them in half. First Hyde, then Abe. Hank came to get some but got rekt instead. Then laz hunting.
In that second engagement, my armor LITERALLY melted in 3 seconds. Half of my armor was gone. That doesn’t even happen to me as wraith. Serious weak spot issues with behemoth D:
Next round will be multiplayer!


I had damage reduction perk on and it feels like I still get shredded. I won as him in my 1st game on the new mine map which imo is great for the behemoths roll. But the wall was buggy. Sometimes there was no wall. Even though I was at stage 2 I couldn’t kill some monsters in 1 hit like the striders. Arc Mines deal to much damage among other things.


I don’t think it’s buggy. You have to take care where you cast it. I was splitting the wall by accidentally casting too close to myself.


I was very hyped today to test him out so I quickly tried Defend game. Took behemoth. put 3 in fissure, 3 in wall, 2 in lava bomb and 1 in tongue. It was only brief but as I charged to destroy first turret the armour Melted within few seconds with all hunters and 2 turrets shooting at me. Indeed he is a glass cannon. Nothing tanky about him. Later when I will have time I will try to play more sneaky with him but he is definitely not a tanky charger as I thought he might be.


Yea after playing it (more often) you have to make sure you don’t aim it in a wall or aim it near a large monster as it seems to just only deal damage in that area and wont spawn. He’s fun and imo great on that mine map. Deals decent damage but he just takes to much damage and in an open map he is screwed but he excels in being chased when hunters waste their jet pack.

Seems you need to fight hunters in narrow areas to have great sucess.


I was fighting one and between all the weak spots and the damage amp, I was doing x4 damage. That sucker MELTED.


Hey guys. Good to see you loving the new Monster, but please keep all posts and topics related to the Behemoth- gameplay, I mean- in the designated thread:

Thanks! :blush: