My beef with Wraith


It’s very simple. Everyone has a problem with Wraith because we are tired of playing 10 different matches in a row that are all Wraith. Yeah you may get a Kraken or Goliath in there every now and then, but Wraith is clearly the most popular.

Maybe they could just remove Wraith for a few weeks so people can actually play the full game of 4v1 for a while not 4vW.

Not saying she is unbalanced or anything. Id truely just like to see one of the other 2 monsters more than once every 5 games

Edit* For whatever reason people aren’t seeming to grasp the sarcasm with my “take her out of the game” remark. This was not meant as a legitimate solution. It is a joke. I do not hate wraith and I am not saying she’s a cheat monster. This post was about nothing other than wanting to see the other monsters played a little bit more. If goliath was picked over 75% of the matches I seem to play this thread would be “My beef with goliath”.


What level are you at? Because that might be the problem.


As a level 35 player, Wraith is still not fun to play against…

A good Wraith player is nearly impossible to kill, and nearly impossible to track.

Sorry to say it, but she is just broken.

When I play monster I play Goliath and Kraken as I feel Wraith is stupid and un fair to everyone but the best of team hunters.

Hate to say it, but it is the BIG RED Easy Button…

  1. It was new and interesting at first. Actually kinda fun. However match after match after match of different players picking her or even leaving if dropped in at the very start because they didn’t get to pick her just leads to stale reptition. Balance usually means something is fairly equal and by my experience alone there is clearly something that causes wraith to be chosen far above the others.


Oh I meant that she shows up a lot more at lower levels in my experience. I spent 4ish hours last night playing and never faced one.

I don’t think she’s broken, but she’s definitely cheesy.


lol take out something from the game lol why the wraith charge herfor dlc


ill admit that playing against the wraith isnt the most fun, but i believe its in the way universally people play her rather than the monster itself. almost everyone has the same strategy as wraith: run. they always disengage untill stage 3 and then spam supernova decoy until they either die or win. this usually lasts 20-25 minutes and can be frustrating and boring for hunters who cannot track or trap her and just wind up running around the map the entire time. and then just when you think its all over the next match turns into nearly the exact same thing. any monster would be annoying if played in this fashion, unfortunately do to wraiths speed and elusive abilities most people prefer her.


Again, she is the easy button… Unfortunately people will always play her this way. Why play any other way?

AKA… if i do this, I win, if I do something else I lose… What do you think will be chosen…


If you are expecting wraith Cabot and Markov= your best friend.
That arc mine and damage amp combo is fing brutal. As for tracking if you split up she isn’t that bad it’s just a matter of cornering her. That decoy needs a longer cool down though.


I can play wraith using abduction ALMOST exclusively. I’ll use decoy to get out after I have done my damage, regain my armor then come back for 2nds sometimes I don’t even leave I just reposition let the hunters run by and then abduct from behind right where the first fight was :stuck_out_tongue:


that is completely false. there are many ways to play all the monsters. in fact, im 62-2 with wraith and i get messages all the time complementing my playstyle. i sneak and feed untill im stage 2. have max decoy, 2 into abduction, 1 into supernova and i pick off the hunters one at a time. match ends in no more than 7 minutes, assuming i can kill the hunters.


Wouldn’t it be better to just fix the problem and make her playable and enjoyable for both teams rather than waste time sweeping her under the rug.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that we should encourage Goliath and Kraken play, but that can be achieved by honorable request of the players (fortunately of which higher levels you see more of) rather than asking TRS to effectively lock out a game content for everyone.


62-2 should tell you shes OP right there…

in what FPS do you normally get a 31-1 Kill/Death ratio…

I’m going to wager your other two monsters w/l ratio is no where near that.

bottom line wraith is broken.


Isn’t there also a kraken who’s 100-0 legitimately?


probably not legitimately. if so they should be in every game play off ever.


There are ways to play each monster, but most Wraith players choose one way. The easiest.

You probably get compliments if you don’t use the easiest build all the time, because it makes it less of a snooze fest for them.

I have to agree, 62-2 shouldn’t be possible for anyone in a game against other people.


I haven’t taken the time to watch it, but he live streams and whenever he comes up everyone says he doesn’t leave. is his link I believe.


NS2. Easily rock 31-1, trust me :wink:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Wraith is not the problem here. Wraith players are the issue.

Wraith isn’t boring to fight, unless the player takes on the supernova decoy and run/hide tactic.

I think the most common playstyle warrants slight buffs to warp blast (bit shorter charge?) and abduct (fixing the reliability would be a great start) and slight nerfs to decoy, supernova and the traversal warp (a cooldown between using them).
This would keep her overall strength the same, while encouraging the use of warp blast and abduct instead of just supernova decoys.


Yea let’s just take the Wraith out for a few weeks… sounds like a real solution to the problem…