My 5th monster idea


Turtle Rock has expressed that they wanted their monsters to be relatable, or else no one would want to play as them. Heres a few ideas I have.
Basilisk: Think Komodo dragon x 5 with the ability to stick to walls and ceilings. The basilisk will have slow movement on the ground, but have the fastest movement of any monster on ceilings and walls. His movement ability is only usable on walls, he stabs his tail into the rock and flips. Wall to wall, wall to ceiling, wall to floor. Griffin could really prove a problem to him. Here are some baseline abilities we could improve upon.

Venom: Spits venom at hunter or wildlife. This causes them to be “blinded” by green ooze running down the screen, and slowing them down. While doing slow, weak poison for as long as the blindness lasts.

Camouflage: This ability while used hanging off a ceiling or on a wall, turns the Basilisk invisible. Any movement afterward will cancel the effect. 30 second ivis time at ability level 3. While on the ground the Basilisk curls up into a ball, much like the megamouths. In this state on the ground he recovers armor twice as fast, as long as he is not taking damage. The effect ends after the 30 second as well

Rotten Stench: The Basilisk opens its maw, revealing the decaying flesh of previous victims, causing heavy poison and slowing affects all around the creature. This lasts roughly as long as hydes toxic grenades.

Impale: The Basilisk stabs a hunter with its barbed tail, doing heavy damage and flinging them back. This attack does poison damage for 10 seconds afterwards.
Weak point is in the mouth


Thanks for replying!


I like the movement concept, what would be his traversal? And imo the venom/poison is very cliche but it would suit the character i suppose (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


His traversal is the tail flip off walls. Hunters best bet is to trap him in an open area. As for cliche, yes it is. But mini Goliath has fire breath. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a cooler traversal could be that the monsters tail extends to the nearest tall surface and sends the monster flying towards the top of it, sort of like spider man in a sense, or rather when there is no tall surface the monster could tail-pull itself to any wall etc - every successful tail pull could reset one traversal stack= allowing for fast navigation etc and bouncing off walls :slight_smile:


I think of a monster like the Wraith (more like a insect). His attacks are:

-Acid Pool: Shoot acid through his abdomen and a large area is full of acid. This little damage at first, but the longer this in the most damaging. The acid emits smoke up to 7 meters high which makes residual damage.

-Cobwebs Trap: The monster is capable of putting a giant wide web (5 meters in diameter) attached to the floor or ceiling of the caves. This is enabled by passing the hunter close to it and begin to fall webs that catch the hunter. These keep you from moving for six seconds (unless a fellow free will) and then can not use the jetpack for 5 seconds. This attack does not mean health.

-MiniSpiders: The monster throws a giant egg (like lava bomb) that releases hatchlings exploiting that attack near the hunters.

and the desing can be the previous of the Behemoth


Ermm good ideas and all but that is a scrapped monster called “The Host” js xD


I like the new movement idea, but the insect isn’t going to work. They’ve already expressed they want their monsters to be relatable. Kinda hard to make the average Joe have feelings and like an insect or spider


I’ve got another idea. To fix the clicheness (if that’s a thing!) add in petrify. Basilisk glares at the hunter in question, keeping them frozen in place for 5 seconds, awaiting their demise.


Haha sorry about the cliche comment, just meant that the whole poison thing would have less of an impact on the player in terms of like the game’s uniqueness that’s all idk


No no constructive criticism. I just want a monster who can climb on ceilings. That would be awesome. Imagine hanging just above the hunters heads.


I don’t see why everyone thinks the monster needs to have a specific archetype and element.
I would just like to see a cool monster like:

  • Maybe a monster that kind of looks like the Loch ness monster- a mid range brawler
  • Maybe a monster like Rodan from Godzilla- A long/mid range fast monster
  • Maybe a Monster like King Ghidorah- Mid range and deadly up close
  • Maybe a digging monster - Sneaky/Stealth and could be long/mid/close depending on the developers
  • Maybe a smart alien mutant monster - teleports through walls, as it’s own personal shield, Electricity blasts, whatever.
  • Maybe a bloody zombie hulk brawler human that was an experiment that gets big and stronger/buffer as it evolves.
  • Maybe a Dragon that’s snake like. Kind of like a Chinese Dragon.
  • Maybe a Scorpion Monster- long/mid range, acid, medium movement speed. this would seem easy for developers to program too.

But personally I would hate to see something like:

  • A small monster; human size.
  • A lot of small monster; a herd.
  • A monster that’s changes the game far to much.
  • A monster that doesn’t evolve.


because that is what TRS said they are doing.


That makes them about limit their self’s then