My 4 Hunter Idea's each class


Now these are just idea’s cuz im bored and love to come up with awesome stuff ^^.
If you have anything to add or Feedback would be appreciated. Ok lets start.

Hunter Assault:
Name: Drogg
Looks like: A Bulky Toad like creature.
Passive: Becuz hes a Toad like creature he got a 20% increase in jump height.

Weapon slot 1 - Handcannon Short/Mid range high DPS.
5 shots Slow rate of fire, same as Parnell shotgun without SS.
Handcannon shreds the monster so it leaves 1,5x crit spots.

Weapon Slot 2 - Alien 3 Burst assault Rifle with 18 shots total aka 6 bursts.

Ability 1 - Dual Wield - Duration 10sec - Cooldown 15sec.
When Dual wielding Drogg gets a increase of 400% jump height bonus stacks with buff and passive.
Also when dual wielding droggs accuracy will decrease cuz you cant Aim/zoom.
You will need to use left trigger for (xbox) to shoot the other gun.
You got time to shoot 2 clips of each weapon while its active.

The Goal of Dual Wield is that Drogg gets a Jump Height bonus where he should stay close to the monster and jump around and above the monster and rain down some firepower.
So its good for doing damage and dodging around at the same time.

Hunter Trapper:
Name: Crystal
Looks/Acts Like: Crazy person that loves the hunt. (i see her as jinx like person from LoL)

Weapon Slot 1 - Modern Crossbow with Poison bolts.
When shooting the monster the monster will take damage over 3seconds from the last arrow you hit.
So if you shoot another 1 the 3sec timer damage resets. 7shots in 1mag.

Ability 1 - Laser Trap - Can plant 5.
Trap that shines a laser in a straight line. If a monster walks through it the laser trap will explode and the monster will be seen for the next 5sec. Monster can only see trap/laser when smelling.

Ability 2 - Harpoon Drone - Always Active as long as a hunter is alive.
Drone that flies around in battle shooting a harpoon on the monster.
Drone will favor hunters who are getting attacked by the monster.
It will also harpoon more when some 1 is getting attacked.
Chasing wise you need 2 be in range for the drone to actually harpoon it.

Dome Buff only Crystal has: When throwing dome crystal goes invisible for 5seconds.
This gives Crystal a little time to reposition for a better place.
If you shoot, get hit or show yourself the cloak wears of and doesnt return.

Hunter Support:
Name: Zack
Looks like: Summer outfit with crazy hair style and color.

Weapon Slot 1 - Circle Saw Launcher.
Bounces off hard sufaces for 5times.
When Monster take direct damage it does a decent chunk but no bleed.
But when you hit the sides and cut the monster the monster will get a 3sec bleed damage.
When cutting the Circle saw still has a chance to bounce off and hit the monster again.

Weapon Slot 2 - Daze Proximity Grenade - 3 Grenades.
When hitting the monster directly the grenade explode and does double its damage.
Can stick 3 to any surface when monster gets close it will explode.
The Grenades also blurs the monsters vision for 3seconds.
When sticking grenades to a surface it does less damage.

Ability 1 - Invisibility Gun -20sec Cooldown.
When holding on a Ally for 3sec the ally will go invisible for 5sec.
has 2 charges before Recharging, you have to use it before it recharges.
When some 1 is invisble it uses 1 charge.
Gun has NO LINE that can be seen.
But Instead it makes alot of noise letting the monster know its trying to cloak some 1.

Hunter Medic:
Name: Kensan - asian warrior looking.

Weapon Slot 1 - Laser Penetrator.
Need to hold trigger and hold aim on monster to keep doing damage.
It does more damage to armor then health but not by alot.
Laser gun can be hold for 6sec and after that 4sec reload timer.

Heal Burst GLOBAL: Any range. 18sec cooldown
Heals the least of all heal burst and heals the healer even slightly less then other hunters.
Cooldown between Caira and Laz Heal burst. it might sound OP but hes not healing alot.

Ability 1 - Group Shield. 22sec cooldown
Shields everybody for 5sec or 3sec if you are in range.
Range is 10meters thats realy short so you gotta risk grouping to get a shield.
This is a risk vs reward ability.
This Medic is suppose to block damage or make up for it with the global heal burst.

Ability 2 - Shadow walker. 20sec cooldown.
Gives Kensan the ability to use his Jetpack Unlimited for 5sec.
So he can do a few burst jumps for free like 4 or 5.

Hope you all like my hunter Idea’s
Feel free to discuss :smile:


Bump, some 1 gimme some feedback pls ? Not like this is over the top idea’s


These guys are too OP. Nuff said


It may sound op but it has its trade offs the abilities…


Just so ya know, there are no sentient aliens in the Evolve universe besides the monsters. Never have been, never will be. Sorry brosky.



Then why is slim a alien ? It don’t matter how the F he looks. Its about the kit.


But… He’s NOT an alien.