My 36 custom hunters (now with monsters)





I have nothing to do right now.
I can quote myself all day.


(But seriously, enough now xD)


Wow, that took me awhile to read. You have some pretty good ideas, but I no longer have the mental energy to input on them... so.


Um... No. That's incorrect.


I don't think Calvin's Whirlpool Generator should do any damage. It's bad enough that the centre of it will be filled with Mines, Turrets, Mortars or Orbital Markers.

Great ideas though!


Looks at TRS

"Hey! I think someone wants a job!"

TRS replies

"Well all the spots are filled!"

Confused I say

"What? Spots? As in plural? Dude! This guy is THEE Spot! Fire the rest of them!"

TRS being TRS

"Well we can't..."


"Because it's not our work! NO OUTSIDERS!!!"

TRS finds the OP

Murders OP

Time goes by

TRS makes all of these new characters in the name of... TRS

The Sad End


Have you gotten around to these yet?? I'm interested in your opinion, since you said the same about my previous thread but never said anything again.

I think that's the first solid piece of critique I've recieved, thankyou, I need that if I decide to work on these guys again some day.

Are you telling me that DB standing outside my house with a knife is not a good thing? Go figure...


Um... what? DB?


You know, the guy from trs who does (or did?) the growlcasting. I remember in one of grizzlemarines videos he joked about DB beating you up if you become a liability for the studio, or something like that.


Oh I never watch any of their stuff. I'd rather be playing the game carrying a pack of noobs than to listen to other people talk about a game where I could be helping said noobs. Not trying to come off as douchey but yeah...

I've started playing the game again for the past hour or so and it feels nice. Something tells me that I'll be throwing a fit soon enough.

Almost did right away when the first match I found crashed my game upon attempting to join.


Gen One's aren't Humanmoid. They are essentially giant bugs.


That's not true, do you have a source? Gen 1 soldiers were the size and shape of a human, their minds just webt feral, im 99.9% certain matthew himself confirmed this


Gen 1? In a conversation with Slim he mentioned Basilisk soldiers. Yeah, he said they went crazy too. I can't remember the exact words. Before I commit and say anything stupid I'm going to try to find the drop ship conversation.


He does say that the man became a monster, but he never specified which size, a lot of people thought that they meant he became a huge beast, but Torvald meant that his friend acted like a monster. Like when someone stabs a sack of puppies and you yell "you monster!" The writers of the lore themselves confirmed this


Hmm... does seem fairly ambiguous. It would be great if TRS released some pictures of Lore based things. Like Chem Troopers, Basilisk soldier, maybe a picture of Sabah (Spelled incorrectly? Probably)



I like Brick, Fox, Boris, and Raven. The All Animal Squad!!!


What I ideally want to do is give you my take on every hunter in a list form, but I need more time to draft something like that...but so far I am liking these ideas more than your prior posts. I don't know if it's visual appeal or the simplicity of the design work to craft its character sheet or what but they come off a lot more polishes and sleek, like actual game characters.