My 36 custom hunters (now with monsters)


I have spent the majority of this year working on custom hunters, and though I posted quite a few a few months ago, I decided to post all of my new hunters and repost all of my old, changed ideas. I used illustrations from the evolve artbooks custom hunters, but that means that the weapons and symbols on these hunters aren’t neccesarily correct according to my ideas, so please dont shoot me for it. Also, since there are so many, there are a lot of abilities that would be less effective in certain compositions or are more situational, but that’s okay too. As all classses have 2 roles a lot of them are one sided while some are balanced (medics have healing or buff/debuffs, Support are offensive/defensive, trappers are trackers/constricters and assaults are Bursty/Consistent.) I have avoided using solid numbers and stats in most cases, as I am not made to balance figures. Lastly, I don’t expect these hunters to be put into the game, so try to review them from a standpoint of “that could be cool” instead of "that would be unbalanced and hard to program. At the time of the last hunters “release” there would also be 14 fully unique monsters to fight, so keep that in mind.
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Tier 1: A group of refugees the team find while searching for a patterson drive. First they find Medic, then Assault, Then Trapper and Support travelling together.

Tier 2: After Doctor Monroe joins the team, news spread of monsters on other worlds, and the team decide that instead of leaving, they stay and destroy the source of monsters once and for all, while planning how to do it they find 2 new hunters, travelling together, and are found themselves by a new trapper and assault.

Lets give inspiration for a Tier 6/Adaptations to help out TRS!

Tier 3: After the team has a plan, they realise they need a lot more firepower. Cabot sends out a call for more planet tamers, and anyone willing to help. The first team is a group of elite planet tamers.

Tier 4: Responding to the news of a falling colony, a group of people join the team hoping to profit from the situation. Medic and suppor travelling together, assault and trapper individually.


Tier 5: The order, a powerful religious group, invite themselves to the party. They are an eccentric bunch who believe the monsters to be demons.

Tier 6: Lennox and Caira call in a group of 3 researchers, a mechanic, a virologist and a botonist, for reasons, to try and learn more about the monsters origin and weaknesses. They use this new knowledge to build an assault.


Whoa, that’s a lot of work mate! I can’t wait to go back and read these when I get the chance!


Tier 7: Another group of peple join the team from off world in hopes of furthering their own agendas, ugh…

Tier 8: As the news spread, a bunch of corporations with assets in Shear started sending representatives to try and salvage what they can.


Tier 9: The unluckiest people alive. A group of 3 relics from the basilisk war who payed a fugitive pirate to take them off grid to shear, unfortuanately as they were hiding from hub they were radio-silent, and they landed in a meat grinder while expecting safe haven.


I hereby tag @Riokan, and @The_Mastermind, two of my friends who helped me with this project, @TheDumbassGamer, who showed a lot of interest in my previous posts and @Matthew and @Shaners, Who I would like to ask to read these. I am aware that these hunters have 0 chance of making it into the game, but all I ask is that you guys read them (if you have time) and post some feedback. I have spent at least 6 months working on these guys and your opinions mean a lot to me.


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Yeah, i know i didnt change the some of the things you told me to, i just got impatient and decided to wrap it up, i’ve got a lot of work to do in these next few weeks and it was now or december


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