My 3 Problems with Evolve so far


My first problem is the so called “Stealth” Pounce. This mechanic is good on paper but poorly executed in Evolve, The reason you ask? This pounce can be initiated mid combat. And the only way to interupt this pounce is to shoot the monsater. This causes problems because not all teams coordinate and talk together, therefore, players will be seperated. This seperation (even 30m is enough) gives the monster enough time to engage a “stealth” pounce with a Hunter whilst in combat and being shot at. This should not be possible, Its called Stealth Pounce for a reason. My suggestion is to just make pounce not available while in combat (when hunters can see your healthbar) and a new little Icon in the corner would let the monster know they are in combat also.

My second problem is how Unbalanced Rescue and Defense are. Rescue favors the monster so significantly that most Evacs I play end up not even playing the mode. However, Defense is played all Evacs and this mode favors the Hunters. Defense isnt nearly as unbalanced as Rescue but the monster could use a little help.

My third complaint is Wraith. Wraith may not be OP, however, she is not fun to ply against in the slightest. Im mainly a Hunter player so i dont know if playing Wraith is fun, but I can assure you she is the least fun monster to play against.

PS please make the Evac excluse modes playable in Skirmish.


To be fair it is only called Pounce Attack. People add the words Sneak or Stealth in front of it, but it is a misnomer.

I agree. However, the game itself isn’t balanced around Evac and these modes. They will try to fix, but it isn’t their main intention. Certain Monsters/Hunters will just be straight up amazing or crap in these modes. That being said, Nest is also totally unbalanced also.


Its called Sneak Pounce in the trophies. Look the Achievement “Gotcha!” The game calls it a “Sneak Pounce”


And when you get the Megamouth Buff it is called ‘Pounce Attack’.


I’m skeptical that Defense favors the Hunters: it isn’t hard to quickly down the turrets as at least Kraken and Goliath, and fighting when the Minions are around can be very effective.

With Rescue I’d like it if raised Survivors hit harder and didn’t die so easily, to make engaging two or four of them alongside the Hunters a more daunting task.

The Monster typically gets a head start in Evolving and better mobility in the mode already.

I generally dislike Pounce because it punishes uncoordinated teams specifically, which isn’t healthy for the learning curve.

Nothing of value would be lost were it removed.

Wraith is both OP and not fun to play against, and both are rooted in her absurd mobility and stealth evasion.


Ok, so now the names have cancelled eachother out. Lets look at the mechnics of the attack itself. it can only be activated while in sneak mode. Sneak mode is used to avoid hunters: by not leaving footprints, making no noise, and to avoid birds. Sneak and stealth mean to not be seen ( I included stealth because the game refers to it as both). Tell me why a monster should be able to enter stealth mode and then pounce on me while in the middle of combat, making me helpless. There is only a small window to interrupt this attack and all the monster has to do is to wait for you to reload and then that window is impossible to capatalize and then BAM Hunter dead.


Because they didn’t want to program an extra button/command to use pounce when not stealthed. If you’ve even been in combat and accidentally pounced when you didn’t want to you can get punished pretty bad for it. Also, if you are by yourself the monster should absolutely have a way to hurt you. Though I disagree that pouncing is the most optimal way of doing it as the damage isn’t super significant at Stage 1.


I 100% with your suggestion on how to fix rescue. And maybe the survivors shoudld start on their feet and ready to fight so the hunters have a chance to grt there before they are dead. Ive played Defense almost 25 times as the Hunters and have lost only 3 times. Once against Goliath and 2 against Kraken (Wraith is useless in Defense). There has also been many times where my team has lost all 4 prior days and then won day 5. Either defense is favoring Hunters or not many monsters know how to play it well.


Im not arguing “What if’s” with you. There is no factual evidence to back up your claim. You should not be able to go into stealth mode and pounce on someone who is shooting you. And it is by far the most effective way of killing a lone hunter because it leaves them helpless. amd the monster alreay has plenty of ways to hurt you. I have no problem with getting pounced by a monster who im not shooting at. By when im shooting it in the face and it pounces on me. Thats whwn I get pissed. This also makes surviving as the last hunter nearly impossible. Because no matter what the situation they can pounce on you and kill you. The only consistent defense against this is Bucket’s turrets.


Fact: Lions pounce people. Do you think shooting the lion as it pounces you stops it? No. And that is a Lion. These Monsters are MUCH larger/heavier than that :stuck_out_tongue: At some point you determine what works better for the game. If all it took was to look at the monster and shoot it couldn’t pounce then you would never be able to pounce. The move might as well be Boo the ghost from Mario Games.


This about a game not lions. This about balancing a game. So if shooting the monster would make pounce useless then remove it from the game. Or make it so it doesnt require stealth but change it so a hunter has a way of getting out of the attack. There shouldnt be an “I WIN button” and that is what stealth pounce currently is.


If they didn’t want it in the game they wouldn’t have added it. I’m not sure why you are so against the pounce. It is pretty well balanced right now. Sorry if you feel otherwise, but a Monster should be able to down solo Hunters as well as finish the last one so you aren’t roaching/running away for dropship timers.


The monter is faster than you so “Runnigng away” is useless when they can just jnstant down you. The only classes that can “Run Away” are ones with Invis and even then you can still see footprints, shadows, jet pack streams. Running away effectively basically means abandoning your teammates and why should a game make you abandon teammates so you dont get instant killed. Im against the pounce because of how it works and that you need to enter stealth mode to use it but you dont need to be stealthy to enter stealth mode. And things can espace developers. Battlefield, MCC, Red Dead, and many other games had a plethora of bugs. Developers didnt want those but they were still in the game. Why do you think Bungie has to keep patching easy ways to beat Destiny’s Raid? Players are doing what they didnt think of.


Not sure what to tell you then. It’s in the game. It’s working as intended. Sorry you don’t like it.


sounds like the problems with the hunters.


So this game should punish the people for playing with randoms?


You have no proof its working as intended


This team oriented game should punish people for not playing as a team. Even randoms can be told to stick close/shoot the monster off.


Pounce is not OP at all, just 1 bullet can remove it. And it takes so long to kill a hunter with that attack, more longer than if you use abilities.

NEVER BE ALONE. That the first Evolve hunter rule


The people playing the game shouldnt be the problem. As Lasaruz says “Its more effective to cure the disease, rather than the symptoms”