My 3 bugs - (ps4) Griffen stuck harpoon / wraith skill reset / wraith stuck abduction


I just had 3 bugs, 1 I had back in beta the other 2 new to me.

  1. Griffen, using harpoon gun, reload, cannot shoot. The gun looks loaded, the ammo bar is empty, the harpoon cannot fire. Fixed by dying, changing to not, respawning then switching back, harpoon was fixed. (In beta nothing fixed it)

  2. Wraith, joined match in progress at start, evolved to stage 2. All skills reset to 0, only given 3 points to spend for a total of 3 points at stage 2 instead of 6.

  3. Wraith, same match as before ( stage 2, 2 points warpblast, 1 point abduction). Mid match using abduction would get stuck, I would get the targeting rings and animation as if holding it but could not actually use it. (I will link my footage after I upload it to YouTube) I would have to wait until it timed out so move normally.


Playlist of my evolve bugs #2 and #3 are the aforementioned Wraith bugs