Mute Options opens when pressing shift+tab for steam overlay

Don’t know if this was ever posted, but since one patch, i think 4-6 weeks ago there is a little bug when im in character selection screen befor the hunt starts. There are the options to mute players. So when i press shift+tab to open steam overlay, in the background the game opens the mute options automatically. its not a big problem only wanted to tell you and if someone other has this bug too?

Yeah, it’s pretty annoying. Also Shift-Tabbing in a customs after you select if you want to be Hunter/Monster/Observer makes it go back to the select your class screen.

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Yarr, both of these are very annoying. I actually forgot about them, got used to just ignoring it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This happens to me too. Not sure if it is intentional & options for buttons can be changed. Will look into it. @MrStrategio Thank you for the info!

Now where is Patch 5.0 is incoming, someone knows if this little bug will be patched too maybe? :smile:


Bug still there in 5.0, only to let you know