Mutagen Wars and the Hub?


I read that Hyde and if I’m not mistaken Lazarus were deployed in what was known as the “Third Mutagen Wars”, what exactly is that conflict about, what caused it and what made it occur multiple times?

Also, some characters come from what is known as the “Hub”? Is this what we call the core worlds we inhabit such as Venus, Earth, and Mars, from what I assume is after humans started colonizing other worlds beyond our solar system?


Wait…mutagen wars? My favorite foursome of super heros were transformed by retromutagen ooze. So, our monsters have something to do with this? I see where this is going!


Teenage mutant ninja turtles yaaa 3 4 5 6th monster found


It’s part of the deep lore @Matthew is writing.


We no nothing about these events other than they happened at some point in Evolve’s universe. We will hear about them through hunter dialogue and be able to piece together the past that way.


I could just post it all here, but that would ruin the fun of learning through the characters. When you find out who Val is and who she works for and what role they played in the Mutagen Wars, it not only tells you about the setting, but it informs Val’s character as well as Hyde’s.


Is all the lore going to be contained within the character speech, or are there plans to release more detailed information outside the game (either a section on the website, or books, or graphic novels, or whatever medium)?


Alas, I have no idea.


It’ll be released throughout the campaign. (Small bits of character dialogue aside)