Must read novels to get pumped for Evolve!


Hello, gang! I wanted to see if anyone had some good ideas on what books/media would be good to dive into that might share something in common with Evolve. Anything that might have inspired the game or just shares the same feeling or theme. Mine are: Jurassic Park, Tarzan (the novels), Jumanji (Griffin’s long lost relative makes an appearance), Deadly Kingdom (a book about how predators think and why they hunt humans), or Predator. Devs, if you’re lurking in the shadows, maybe you could list some things that might’ve spawned ideas for this awesome games into your zombie loving brains? Thanks!


If you are into the Predator and Alien franchise, they have quite a few good reads. However, I REALLY liked Aliens Labyrinth. It goes into a LOT of detail about what makes the Aliens tick and their behaviors.


Why is this the first I’ve heard of these books? Where’ve I been!


Some are hit and miss. The AvP saga that has these three books; Prey, Hunter’s Planet, and War is what AvP movies should have been. It is hands down the best AvP story out there. You can see hints of the first book in the first AvP movie but really messed up on things. They are REALLY good AvP books. I can’t recommend them enough.


i’ve been reading “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult”

its really good


Currently reading it by chance, but in another thread talking to Slab he actually suggests reading this book. So far it has been a pretty intense read.


Thanks! Looks like my kinda book!