Must I Play With My Food?


Is it intended for you to only get about 50 points after a 2-4 minute match? I’m 11-0 with Kraken right now and all but two of my matches have ended within 4 minutes, and each match nets me a whopping 40-50 points.

Is it intended for me to have to play with my food for a while in order to gain points, or is it a bug that ruthlessly stomping scrubs gives no points?


I just seem to be leveling up sooooo slowly, I just want to get to 20 :frowning:


Are you referring to keys or points in Ranked mode? If it’s the latter, the points you get are entirely based upon who you are against.


Keys and just XP in general, whatever it takes to level. I’ve been stuck at rank 12 for a while now and have won like 6 or 7 matches at least. I’m just wondering if because my matches end so fast it’s not giving me much xp towards leveling.

I would much like to enter ranked :confused:


Nope. That’s the show key gain system my friend.

I’ve tried playing ten minute matches, letting them take health, winning domes, losing domes, two minute matches, full armor.

Basically I’ve tried everything and you get most keys from hidden challenges and things so just play and you’ll get big key boosts sometimes.


Bummer :confused: I honestly couldn’t care less about the keys, it’s taking so many faceroll wins just to go up a rank that has me a little miffed. One day I will slaughter enough to hit 20

One day…


The next patch fix will actually amplify from 50 keys to 150 keys per win :slight_smile:

I can’t remember if you get 20 or 30 keys if you lose. I think it’s 30