Must have Gold Behemoth Skin!


Please… PLEASE…!!..!!


Yes… It is being made I think


They’re making it.


Yay 10 chars


question is is it free or dlc, bt dubs, jade skin is totally hawt :heart_eyes:


I just need it to be a Challenge. Every monster main needs to team up and win 10,000 matches as Behemoth for the gold skins


This ^
I would totally be willing to work for my glorious gold Bob skin. :smiley:


PRAISE THE GOLDEN BOB​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Is the forum name Bob? I’ve been calling him the Rollie Pollie… I like my name better :smiley:


He would look even more bad-ass. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.


The Kraken Savage skin and the Cosmic skins are the craziest skins I’ve seen from the new releases.

Am I the only one who thinks deep Jade and glowing orange don’t look so sharp together?


They don’t. The Jade looks really cool until you have armor. Savage & Cosmic skins make me happy though. Red/black is my favorite look.


Yea which is what you want to do lol. Real pain.


I do like Rolloe Pollie, I’m just used to calling him Bob