Must fix in next patch


Pls let me be able to damage relay when someone is firing at me as monster

I was in a game and they all had 2 strikes but till I was losing… how is that possible? They just fire towards the relay so cannot damage it and when I try to engage them they run in all directions

Pls fix, there is a lot of bad designs but this is the worst I have see the timer runs out and I could do nothing about it…… realy realy unfun.

This is a must fix in next patch



Well the problem with removing it as well is that if a monster reaches stage 3 and gets to the power relays and they can continue to damage the relay, it’s pretty much gg


If you’re engaged in a fight the timer stops, you have more speed than they do, you’re tier 3, apparently you’ve already killed at least some of them at least once… you just track them down and breath on them (especially dispersed) and they’re dead. Having played a lot of close games the interrupt is crucial and allows the Hunters some last gasp chances, in theory I could see how the scenario describe could be exploited to some degree in a very minor sliver of overall matches but you really had no business not being able to curb stomp them.


If you’re not able to be interrupted, what’s going to stop you just standing there and tanking the damage until you win? You’re not thinking about this in terms of balance. If they’re just running away, chase after them, use your sniff, you can outrun them. Damaging the relay is a good way to lure out Hunters.


OK pls read what i wrote Again tehy shoot from fathjer away than sniff distance and i cant damage the ralay when they damage me when i try to enga them they run in 4 directions and cloak up.

if i take Down one the timer starts ticking before i can reengage


Well yeah, maybe there should be a nerf, but taking it out would cause even more problems.


I struggled with this in a game the other day, had them well and truly on the ropes, then I completely botched the finish at the relay. Would be nice to have a little less interrupt (but again, balance is a big thing), I’m pretty sure I screwed it so bad I’d still have lost though haha.


Must have been only a small number of maps to have that much line of sight where you couldn’t determine the direction. What you’re proposing would address your very narrow concern against the loss of a major strategic element of the game. In the end I’d say the answer is “Suck it up and deal”, what you’re saying they should do is outright bad for the game.


It’s a weird one this because not all the maps are designed the same. Some have a huge line of sight to the relay.

Just need to persist with it, do not panic, and remember at that stage of the game it’s you with the upper hand.


It is not a nerf it is a game change and an exploit


Not an exploit, at least not in the connotation you’re trying to give it. Whether it stings or not since, going in, everyone knew the rules you kind of got out-played strategically. In the end there was a lot to that point that got you into that position since obviously the length of the round was a factor. Me, I give it to the Hunters for having the presence of mind to use that as a tactic to pull out an unlikely victory.


That’s a funny and good strategy just split up and annoy the monster


i took over a game were there were 3 mins left


well u can keep draging out the game till it is over if u like


Haha, well, just were screwed then. :slight_smile:


What are you complaining? If u can’t manage to kill them - u dont deserve to win. And no, not all of them can cloak when they re split up - max. medic and support. So at least two are always visible (again if they really split up into four directions).

When beeing hit an indicator shows you the origin of the shot, thats all u need. The systems works fine as it is imo.


If they had a Cabot it would make a bit more sense for the line of sight issue, since he can just shoot through rock. All you need to know is where the monster icon is or just shoot at the generator and hope for the better.


Same thing happened to me. All hunters except one dead and one downed. Relay had about 3% health and I’m Trashing it and 3 more hunters appear and start shooting me. I Literally wasn’t allowed to take one single strike against the relay and lost the game while a full team just spawns around me.

You are basically locked there and not allowed to do anything… I had a third health after a protracted first battle where I managed to kill them all and then a brand new full health team spawn. That needs fixing.


People seem to have a hard time understanding, but maybe it is my fault for not speaking clearly enough

Let get very specific

I take over a game were I am a kraken that has just evolve to stage 3, I am elite at kraken mind you and know what I am doing. So I get full armor and goes for an engament but there are only 3 hunter bucket is not present I kill all 3 hunters and goes for the relay. As I engage the relay someone starts shooting in the distance but it is beyond smell range so I try to engage the relay again but cant since one guy is shooting so start going after him and he is maybe 100 yards away he cloaks and starts to run away. In order to follow the footprints I need to get to were he was standing times goes on and the clock ticks again. I am now maby down to 1 min left the team lands again and i kill 2 hunters. 2 ran away in opposite directions and cloaked i found one of them but my geus is that the 4th hunter is far away so I suppose I have to go back to relay. Time ticks on and I have 30 sec left and he starts shooting at me so I cant damage the relay. I try to engage him but before I do some damage maybe 10 sec went off the timer again and hunters start to land. So kill some off again but they run in all directins and cant get to every one in time to engage before the timer starts to tick again.

I realy hope this makes it possible for people to see the dilemma…

So if you as a hunter team want to be trolls, you could just wait till stage 3 on certain maps were there is a great line of sight to the relay. Shoot at the monster not too kill but to delay.
If The monster runs after you, you run in all directions and maybe the monster kills 2 hunters but before long they drop in again. You repeat and win the game by a delay tactic. Maybe this is an intended game play tactic from the devs so pls forgive me. But if it is not pls do something to prevent this boring gameplay, because something like this is what makes people stop playing a game and say it is a broken game.


yes an indicator of 100 yards away