Musical Score/Soundtrack


I think that the musical scores in this game are just top notch; particularly the score that plays in the intro cinematic. Will there be a way to get our hands on the soundtrack for this game? Or at least the score from the intro? I’d pay money to be able to listen to that score without gunfire and monster noises.


Nothing? A month and a half, and nothing?


Theres 5 on here


Awesome! That’s a good start. I really would love to be able to find the opening cinematic theme. I’d pay money for that.


Yeah i also want the FULL soundtrack, that means all mwain tracks and also the ambience tracks used, make it happen, put a pricetag on it if you really need to.


Can someone put a Dev on this?


Ok sorry, but not only did you revive a thread that’s a YEAR old and taking up space, you are requesting DEVELOPERS to come and see this. You can’t just
play some music in the background?

There are many threads bout this, everyone is saying to just play background music.
@MaddCow @ToiletWraith