Musical Movies

I don’t know many but my favorite would have to be Moulin Rouge, always was a fan of love storys.

As for my favorite song I think Master of The House would take the cake.

Whats your favorite musical?

The Sound Of Music. :wink:

I like Rent, Shrek, Chicago, Into the Woods, Les Mis, Sweeny Todd, Jekyll & Hyde…I don’t even really like musicals either.

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I do not like The Sound of Music though…


Best musical in the world!

Best Song in the movie

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Brilliant movie!

Also add the South Park movie and The Book of Mormon to the list.

Ok, I guess I do like musicals…

You know, I’m not really big on musicals but I absolutely LOVE Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Rocky Horror Show!


I see what you did there! I didn’t want to make it movie exclusive because there are the live musicals like plays and such that never got turned into movies.

Example could have been Little Shop of Horrors that for a long time I didn’t know got turned into a movie.

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Oh no, that’s fine!

I have been to a couple before like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Fame and the Disney Musical.

Those were awesome!

Oh, Little Shop! I forgot!

How could you forget!?

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i must submit across the universe.

Little shop of horrors! I love this movie!
Levi Stubbs does an amazing job!

He does, but for certain parts I like the Broadway performance better.

Stage 3 plant was strong

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I have never seen a live performance of the show. I have only ever seen the movie, but love Levi Stubbs and Rick Moranis.

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Agreed. Check out the soundtrack. I’ve never seen it performed either.

Yeah I plan on picking up the soundtrack for the show. I just got my rocky horror picture show soundtrack, so little shop of horrors is next.

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