Music Playlists for Hunters/Monsters/Classes


Well, incase you guys didn’t know, I really REALLY like music. :heart_eyes: So, I’ve decided that I will be making playlists for individual Hunters and Monsters, and maybe even classes (for the ‘Monster’ class it would be music that suits all of the monsters.) I would like this music to suit the character or class, or just be cool to listen to in the background while playing these characters. I will provide links on this post as I make them, but here are the playlists that I want to have ‘finished’(I will be updating them, so I just want a decent amount of songs on these) in the next week or two :

Music for Playing Goliath
Music for Playing Kraken
Music for Playing Lazarus
Music for Playing Bucket
Music for playing Maggie / Crow (I can’t decide which one I’m doing, might do both)
Music for playing Hyde

I would also like to do one of the classes… No idea which one…

So guys, comment below any songs and which category(s) they would go into.


As Kraken:


Can’t go wrong with this on any Monster and Hunter


Tru… This will be at the top for each one XD


The device I’m on atm won’t let me really watch the Youtube video… Is this by t.A.t.u.?


That’s correct sir.


Ok, I added it :smile: Thanks!


Guys I will be broadcasting music for a little bit on here :


Darude Sandstorm on ALL of Them… nah jk give me a minute to think ^.^


This song matches Hyde perfectly 11/10 ign


Soooooo perfectly :heart_eyes:


This. So much this.


This used to be the song I listened to when fighting the Wraith in her old kit… Trying to chase as an assault, there was so much truth in that song.


Well… looks like I’m NEVER going to get enough song suggestions… :cry:


for goliath using fire breath (I usually think of these whenever I use it XD)

at 0:37 seconds


Behemoth needs electronic music