Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


if you want epic


I like this one


As far as John Williams goes, I think Jurassic Park is his best work.


Correction, THIS is his best work.


good for stuff


The jam.

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Definitely wish this wasn’t a short lived project.


I’m listening to Poets of the Fall. Love that band.

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Best German Band ever
i love his music and Voice so much O.O

to Bad this will be his last year - -


I know @RickSanchez listens to this one whilst laying in bed staring at the ceiling


Am I weird for not really… listening to music?

Don’t get me wrong now. I have quite the library on my iTunes of EDM, Classic Rock and all sorts of other genres and have rigorously studied classic music theory (had a really try hard piano teacher) for 6-7 years so I definitely know a thing or two but I rarely find time to just sit/lay down and listen to music.

I might hear an OST in a game I really enjoy, and YouTube it for a brief moment to share with a friend or something. Or maybe I hear another good OST in an anime or something else but I don’t actively try to keep up with music for entertainment purposes unless I have a really long train ride or something boring in my future.

I’m nearly certain the last time I sat down and enjoyed a tune (other than quite a few boss fight themes from Bloodborne’s OST) was during finals week for my Software Engineering exams. I read a myth that said listening to classical music while you study improves your exam scores up to 12% and I was willing to do anything to get an extra advantage. (Which it certainly worked by the way, ended up raising my B- to an A in my Calculus 2 course because I got something like a 98% on my final :sweat_smile:)


Everyone has their preferences :3


That’s more of a @MortySmith song @Hillbilly_Deathlord. This is my own jam.

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You don’t ever just put music on in the background? I basically go every waking moment of my life listening to music.

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Nope. Other than studying (solely because of that study I read) I really don’t think about it too often.

Although I do often think when I’m doing something monotonous “This would probably be a lot better listening to music” but I never really end up busting out the tunes nowadays haha :sweat_smile:


I couldn’t do it. I would go crazy. Music is my everything. This is what I’m listening to right now.

So many different emotions and ideas can come from music.