Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



Happy birthday Mr. Van Zandt.



Relevant, given recent events




Have you ever just felt really nostalgic out of nowhere so you listen to this wonderfully pretty piece:

But then immediately mood whiplash occurs and you suddenly are listening to such a headbanger?:

Well what do you know, that was me today! :p.


Forever my favorite music artist! :heart:


This album is going to be something else, I am so excited!



I can’t hear this song and not think of the end of the Devil’s Rejects. :blush:


The solo is literally orgasmic.



sadboi doomer shit. Been pretty cheery lately, but i love sad music.


My favorite rendition was I once say a guy a girl duet sing it and only playing a pedal steel guitar. It was magical.



Been literal fucking years since I’ve seen this movie, and I didn’t know too many of Metallica’s songs at the time. I kinda wish I’d gone into it knowing Orion was a thing so I could appreciate this more then.


Best Version aside from live