Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Then if I procreate with a skilled female, the resulting offspring will inherit both of our skills…so if we play this right…we may create, over successive generations, the superior human being…

…The evolution has begun.


yes… it has.



So beautiful :cry:




I don’t know what I just watched but I think I liked it.


That’s Devin. He’s amazing.

Strapping Young Lad for your balls out type metal.

The Devin Townsend Project for the opposite.

Ziltoid for something completely different.


it’s been a minute since I’ve listened to Strapping young lad.


Check out his stuff in order, it’s interesting to hear the changes as he gets older.


The lyrics are so tacky, but this shit’s so catchy.


I used to listen to a bit of grand magus in highschool.


Sometimes you get glimpses of things that make you feel like the world isn’t so bad.


That was…amazing! I bet it was totally impromptu too!


From what I understand, he was on his porch and she was looking for jumper cables.

Magic happened, and my life is better for it.

This is also now my ring tone.



So that’s what you look like when you focus your entire life into the art of spoon song.


This song popped up on my Spotify, I love the lyrics and music and has been putting it on repeat recently.I haven’t played evolve or know the story too deep why am I thinking of bugboy Slim? … His fanart just stuck on my head browsing this forum

Also… RIP Keith Flint, good music and music video.



Been digging some of the older stuff lately. ZZ Top is a huge inspiration for why I want to play guitar and I have finally figured out the intro and main part of this song. Sounds killer on an acoustic. I’m not good enough to tackle the solo yet. Lol