Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


My kid is 3 and we listen to SYL. So there.


Pretty sure my dad’s been playing music for me since I was fucking born, so more likely than not, I was banging heads early enough to cause permanent skull deformation.


Too edgy for me.




My interrests in music are mostly rock, metal, soft rock, electro (mostly the aggressive ones like from Mother Russia Bleeds), a bit of classic and of old-school, etc…
But sometimes I find musics that are outside of my interrests and that I find rather pleasant to listen.

This one for example, I discovered it with the mod Frackin’ Music for Starbound while visiting a desert planet, searching for an Avikan underground settlement. I love how the violon is played to give a sort of nomadic feeling.
The only thing however that I dislike in this one is the fact that it is super repetitive.


I’m not sure what this is, but I know it’s not a Gary Jules cover.



The final boss of the '80s


If you dont do anything else today, please just listen to this song.



I don’t think just adding distortion and over drive makes it metal. Definitely is swing though.



Like :clap: if :clap: you’re :clap: listening :clap: in :clap: the :clap: Cenozoic


fuggit, I’m double-posting


I played my kids a lot of classic rock and classical


How many kids do you have?


Three incredible and wonderful souls were produced from a forced marriage.
1st Son… 1shotOneKill stole all my FPS ability.
my daughter Stole my talent for accelerating to the top of the competitions
my 2nd son… stole my mario kart skills… He just took those this year…

So now, where I was once one of the best street fighter 2 competitors through killer instinct
I am a floundering pleeb.


(they never got into evolve. those skills are still mine… muhahahaha)