Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Turkish darkwave band i’ve got into quite recently. :slight_smile:


“You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you didn’t stop and think of whether or not you should…”




XXXTENTACION - MOONLIGHT)) Check my profile)






This song is honestly fucking with my head. I’ve seen some people say it’s about war and PTSD, which Metallica’s no stranger to; but that doesn’t fit the lyrics. I guess it’s about having to grow up and realizing the world isn’t a good place, and retaliating against that by futilely holding onto childish things?


So sort of like the book?


That…that would actually explain a lot…


This legit sounds like it coulda come off of Ride the Lightning.


my musical love is random… love everything and all… g-night.


Metallica. They were the music of my highschool days. Not to mention but that is my favorite album.


I was listening to them and Iron Maiden when I was fucking 5. Get on my level or bow before me, peasant.


I used…


You better…
run to the hills.


I never needed Napster, I just had stuff ripped to custom CDs from my dad’s collection.


I didnt either… I did it to be a bitch… jk ^.^

You know when Master of puppets clicked for me? When I was younger my friends and I ended up at an arcade near our school called Stomp N. Ground… (our school mascot was a buffalo). Anyways they showed me the arcade machine ‘Mortal Kombat’ and I was Scorpion atm and right when my harpoon stuck in the enemy to yank them to me, on the jukebox you could here very loudly… “Pulling your strings”

it was a love triangle at that point… Metallica, Mortal Kombat and Me



Certainly a better musical direction than the MKXI reveal trailer…

Also, I just realized that both the title tracks of MoP and JFA use the lyric “pulling your strings” in their chorus.