Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?




I just thought it was funny. I knew there were a lot of metal heads in here.




I legit can’t decide if I like this in acoustic guitar or not…it’s like when you’re eating a new food and you aren’t really sure if you like it, so you keep eating it to taste it more; before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole plate and you STILL don’t know if you enjoyed it.



I like iT ^.^ (rock plays happy)



If fear made a sound, it would be this album. I feel like I’m walking through one of the late-game worlds in the NES Godzilla creepypasta when I listen to this.


It legit sounds like they stuck the amps in a 50 gallon drum and just dropped a mic in there.

Interesting to say the least.


The what now?


first thing i saw was the metallica m lightning bolts.





How many times did he say a lot?

a lot


It’s typically regarded as one of the few actually competent creepypastas in existence. While you can kinda tell where it’s going from very early on, the art is really what sells it. Fair warning for anyone following this link: later chapters have some truly nasty imagery, and there’s a reading on YT that really adds to the unsettling nature of the pasta.

EDIT: Also, another warning, it deals with kinda sensitive subjects like suicide and mental illness. Also also, there is a half-finished sequel that seems to be on indefinite hiatus. RIP getting answers to all the questions the original posed…


That would kinda defeat the purpose of a CP. Thanks for the link, gonna give it a read!


If you’re into Swans, you might like Godflesh. I recommend A World Lit Only By Fire and Post Self.


I’m not, their music legitimately freaks me out. I said their music sounds like fear because it’s actually making me feel scared. Something about that sound just stirs something in me that hates the tempo, the pitch, the timbre in a way that makes me want to kick my computer and lock myself my bedroom until I sleep off the dread. I shared it with you guys because I thought it was noteworthy.

That’s why I compared it to that pasta–the sound reminds me of the imagery in chapter 7, and both that music and that artwork just trigger me in a way I don’t know how to describe.


I agree, but I enjoy that. Most of the ugly music I enjoy, I understand that it doesn’t sound good on the ears. I’m under no impression that the sound is pleasant, but I’m more about what it makes me feel, if anything. I want it to illicit a response, negative or positive. So I might listen to something that makes me feel bad to explore those feelings.

It sounds crazy, but think of it like when people are sad, they listen to sad music to feel validated and understood. It helps them cope. I do that, but with all kinds of emotions. I guess it’s in the pursuit of “emotional intelligence” if that’s really a thing. Some folks say no, and fair enough, but it helps one become unafraid of discomfort. And discomfort is a reality everybody faces at one point or another.


Fair enough. People go to music for different reasons, just like anything. It’s like videogames–I play For Honor for my power fantasy, and my friend plays as mages in fantasy games for his. I listen to Metallica for the fast pacing and lyrics, and you listen to Swans for the raw evocation. At least, I think that’s what you’re saying.