Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


My fucking childhood


I don’t know about others, but my experience as an artist when drawing is having a single song on repeat for the whole while a lot of the times :p.

Oh man, hopefully I shared that right. I just love Epitaph, hahah.

Gravity Hurts though. Same, so much same, hah.







Because come on, Novakids are unique in Starbound and their theme is cool.


Москва Москва брось очки в стену Россия прекрасная страна хо хо хо хо хо, эй Москва Москва Твоя душа так велика Ночью весь ад высвобождается Ха ха ха ха ха Любовь на вкус как икра Девочки ждут, чтобы их поцеловали Хо-хо-хо-хо, эй Москва Москва Давай потанцуем на столе пока он полностью не сломан ха ха ха ха ха


I’m in awe that human beings are capable of creating something so godly.


I don’t know what I was expecting but I laughed the whole way through.



Moscow Moscow throw glasses in the wall Russia beautiful country ho ho ho ho ho, hey Moscow Moscow Your soul is so great At night, all hell is released Ha ha ha ha Love tastes like caviar hey Moscow Moscow Let’s dance on the table until it is completely broken ha ha ha ha ha


Real shame this band broke up. They had serious potential to go places. I’m so glad they toured through Tulsa. I would have never known they existed if they weren’t the opening act for Sara Bareilles.

3 albums and an EP are all we have from them. Most of which isn’t on youtube and what is there is setting in obscurity. They need more attention.


POWERWOLF! Legit one of my favourite bands. Was gonna see them live but stuff got between it :tired_face:


This one always gets me because it reminds me of some tough times a friend of mine went through and it was really hard watching him suffer like that.




You guys will enjoy this.


This was determined to be a lie.